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Newspaper write-ups for Barrier Reef Pools Perth.

We have put together a selection of articles that the West Australian newspaper has published over the years in their Weekend West lift out, New Homes, Outdoors and Pool & Spa. These items cover an extensive range of our pools and talks to the customer about the pros and cons of having an inground fibreglass pool and the landscaping and extra features that you can have to accommodate your outside living area. You will find some great ideas on what to look out for when purchasing a swimming pool. For the full info just click on the PDF links below.

Swimming pool News articles Check out the latest news from Barrier Reef Pools

Title Description Link
Stylish Statements Scoop Pool Awards Gold, Silver and Bronze PDF Logo
Barrier Reef takes the Trifecta 12m Lap pools PDF Logo
Barrier Scoops up all prizes A 12m Lap pool PDF Logo
Award Winner makes a Splash A Venetian pool PDF Logo
Life's One Big Holiday A 12m Lap Pool PDF Logo
Size no Barrier to Creativity A 4.2 Monaco Plunge Pool Venetain Fibreglass pool
Twinkle Twinkle not so little Backyard Star A 10.5 Venetian Fibreglass Pool Venetain Fibreglass pool
Thick Footing Links Elements A Monaco Pool with Spa  Monaco Fibreglass Pool and Spa
Swimming thats out of this world A small Monaco Pool  A monaco Plunge Pool
Three Years of Research has happy ending A 7.5m Venetian Pool Indoor design a Monaco Pool and Spa
Classy court enjoys warmth and intimacy A Plunge Pool & Spa Indoor design a Monaco Pool and Spa
Recognition for excellent Indoor Design A 8.5m Majestic Pool and Spa Indoor design a Monaco Pool and Spa
Balinese Beauty Completes Picture A 5.5m Ultimate Plunge Pool Ultimate Plunge Pool 5.5m Fibreglass pool
Balinese Bliss Created A 9.5m Monaco Pool Monaco swimming pool East Fremantle
Opulent Alfresco dining area A 8m Fibreglass Lap Pool 8m Fibreglass swimming pool
Lapping up the key Elements Mandurah Display Centre Swimming Pool Display Centre in Mandurah
Deluxe Waterside Entertaining A Venetian 7.2m Slimline Pool An Article on a Slim Line Venetian swimming Pool
Focal Point adds Finishing Touch A Monaco 6.2m Slimline Pool Article on a Monaco Slim Line swimming pool
 A Majestic Glow Gold, SPASA Award over $30,000 Article about Majestic Swimming pool
 A Touch of Luxury Gold, Comercial SPASA Award  A Commercial pool article
 Barrier Scopes all Prizes Gold, Silver Bronze SPASA Award  Article on fibreglass lap Pools
11m Fibreglass Lap Pool Bronze SPASA Award under $30,000 11m Lap Pool article
Venetian Fibreglass Pool Gold SPASA Award over $30,000 Venetian swimming pool Article
12m Fibreglass Lap Pool Bronze SPASA Award under $30,000 12m fibreglass Lap Pool article
12m Fibreglass Lap Pool Gold SPASA Award over $30,000 Article on Gold winner 12m Lap Pool
SPASA Awards Winner Bronze SPASA Award under $30,000 Bronze winner SPASA
Stunning Display Gold SPASA Award over $30,000 Indoor Pool Display
Touch of Class Gold SPASA Award over $30,000 Gold winner over $30000
Under $30000 Gold Winner Gold SPASA Award over $30,000 Gold SPASA winner
WA Company make a splash Gold SPASA Award over $30,000 Barrier Reef Pools make a splash

Barrier Reef Pools Swimming Pool Display Centres

Joondalup Display Centre  24 Ascari Lane, Joondalup. Tel: (08) 9301 1300
O'Connor Display Centre  3/378 South Street, O’Connor. Tel: (08) 9314 1388
Mandurah Display Centre  24a Panton Road, Greenfields. Tel: (08) 9581 8611