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Monaco Plunge Child Safety Ledge

Our Monaco Plunge Swimming Pools also have a child safety ledge.

Monaco Plunge Pools Monaco Plunge Pool – Schematic Diagram Introducing the Monaco Plunge Pool, specifically designed for small areas where space is limited or for those seeking a compact pool for relaxation and cooling off.

The Monaco Plunge Pool is the perfect solution, featuring dual entry steps that allow for versatile positioning in any area. The pool incorporates bench seating along the length and across the entry, providing a comfortable spot for relaxation and accommodating optional open spa jets.

Despite its compact size, the Monaco Plunge Pool maintains a constant depth of 1.6m, allowing for exciting pool activities and real fun.

Heating Options for Your Pool A swimming pool is a significant investment for homeowners, and maximizing its usage is essential, considering the maintenance and care it requires even when not in use.

Solar Heating Solar heating harnesses the sun’s energy, offering an environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution. It can significantly extend the swimming season, increasing the number of days available for swimming. Unlike standard household units, pool solar heating utilizes thin, flexible strips of piping discreetly installed on the roof of the house or shed, which are then heated by the sun.

The required amount of solar heating depends on factors such as location, pool size, and desired water temperature. Your pool installer or solar heating supplier can determine the specific formula.

The cost of solar pool heating can range from $1500 if you choose a DIY system to $4000 or more for professional installation. The price varies based on pool size, environmental conditions affecting heating, and the length of the swimming season.

Gas and Electric Heaters Gas and electric pool heaters offer the convenience of on-demand operation and can be controlled manually or through automatic timing devices. These heaters are equipped with thermostatic controls for precise temperature regulation.

You have the option to connect the heater to a dedicated circuit with its pump and timer or integrate it with the pool’s filtration system. This filtration integration ensures that the water is filtered before heating, protecting the heater from debris and algae and extending its lifespan.

The primary advantage of gas and electric heaters is their ability to heat the pool regardless of sun exposure. With the right combination of a pool cover and heating system, swimming can be enjoyed throughout the year.

While various gas and electric heaters are available on the market, it is advisable to make an informed choice and consult with your pool installers to select the most suitable option.

Heat Pumps Heat pumps are a relatively new technology in the swimming pool industry, although they have been used in air conditioning and refrigeration for many years. Heat pumps operate by extracting heat from the surrounding air, which is then transferred to the refrigerant inside pipes. Through compression, the temperature of the refrigerant increases, and the heat is transferred to the pool water.

Heat pumps offer an energy-efficient heating solution, leveraging the existing heat in the air to warm the pool water. The technology behind heat pumps allows for consistent and reliable pool heating.

These are the heating options available for your Monaco Plunge Pool, allowing you to customize your pool experience and enjoy swimming throughout the year.

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