Pool Range: Monaco Plunge 4.2m x 2.6m

Monaco Plunge 4.2m x 2.6m

Monaco Plunge Pool

Designed for those small areas where space is often restricted or for those who are just simply looking for a small plunge pool to cool off & relax in.

Either way the Monaco offers the perfect solution. Designed with duel entry steps this pool can be positioned in just about any area, the bench seating area has been incorporated length ways down the pool & across the entry area to facilitate the open spa jet option that suits this pool so well.

With a constant depth of 1.6m this pool still allows for those who want to jump in and have some real fun in the pool.

A swimming pool is one of the largest single purchases a homeowner can make. It, therefore, makes sense that it should be used as much as possible, especially when it has to be maintained and cared for even when not in use.

Solar Heating draws on the sun’s energy, making it environmentally friendly and very cheap to run. It can double the number of swim days available each year. Pool solar heating differs from standard household units by using thin, flexible strips of piping that unobtrusively fit on the roof of the house or shed and is then heated by the sun.

The amount of solar heating you will need depends on where you live, the size of the pool and the desired temperature of the pool.

The formula to work this out will be done by your pool installer or Solar heating supplier.

The cost of Solar pool heating can range from $1500 if you build the system or $4000 or more if you get a professional company to install. Remember the price will be determined by the size of the pool, the conditions that aid or retard the heating of the pool and length of the season.

The great thing about Gas and Electric pool heaters is that they can be turned on or off at will, or operated by an automatic timing device and are all thermostatically controlled.

The heater can be on a circuit with its pump and timer or connected to the pool`s filtration system; this allows the water to be filtered before being heating up thus protecting the heater from debris and algae, helping to prolong the heaters life.

The main advantage of gas and electrical pool heaters is their ability to heat the pool at any time. That is unlike solar heaters; they don`t rely on the sun. With the right combination of pool cover and heating system, you could swim all year round.

While there are various gas and electric heater on the market, it`s still advisable to choose wisely and speak to your pool installers.

Heat pumps are relatively new to the swimming pool industry, but their technology has been used in air conditioning and refrigeration for many years. For the technically minded, heat pumps gather heat from the surrounding air drawing it through the unit. It is then transferred to the refrigerant carried inside pipes where the temperature is increased by compressing the refrigerant. The heat is then transferred into the pool water


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