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Please Note: Sizes are approximate indications only.

Fibreglass Lap Pools

Our range of fibreglass lap pools are designed with luxury in mind.

If fitness is your priority, then one of our luxurious fibreglass lap pools is  the best option for you. Designed to be both elegant and practical, they are a good choice if you have a narrow block. Their long, slim, shape make them a beautiful feature for your yard and their geometric angles make them incredibly eye catching.

Our range of lap pools are thoughtfully designed for the serious swimmer, featuring an uninterrupted stretch of water to raise fitness levels. While they’re perfect for those competitive swimmers, they are a good way to introduce your child to swimming. A lap pool can build up their confidence with shorter widths rather than lengths.

The largest in our lap pool range is 12m in length. If you like to start or finish the day with a refreshing dip in the pool, then the 12m is perfectly suited for you. We have various lap pool designs in our other ranges. We also have an 8m Lap Pool and a 12m Lap Pool.

All our lap pools can be fitted with optional spa jets. Because of their size, our lap pools are ideal if you want to enjoy some pool fun. Think popular water games like Marco Polo or Aqua Volleyball!

What To Consider When Buying a Lap Pool

  • Think about the sun. Will the sun stream down on areas where you want it too? Or will your pool be obstructed by buildings or the shade from trees?
  • Remember you’ll need some shade to escape the sun when it becomes too hot.
  • Ensure your chosen spot for your pool isn’t in an area which is too windy. If it is, consider having a windbreak.
  • Look at any vegetation, if there are trees and shrubs which overhang the pool area, you may get lots of leaves which fall directly into the pool and these will need clearing.
  • If children will be using the pool, make sure that they can be adequately supervised or seen from your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

A fibreglass lap pool is a type of swimming pool designed specifically for swimming laps. It features a long and narrow shape, typically rectangular, usually used for continuous swimming without interruptions.

Our Perth fibreglass lap pools offer numerous benefits:

  • Fitness and Exercise: Lap swimming offers a fantastic low-impact cardiovascular workout that boosts endurance, strength, and overall fitness levels. It’s a great way to stay active and healthy.
  • Space Efficiency: Lap pools are designed with sleek features that make them perfect for installation in smaller or limited outdoor areas. They provide a compact yet effective solution for Perth homes.
  • Convenience: By having a lap pool at home, you eliminate the need to visit crowded public pools, ensuring quick and convenient access to regular swimming sessions. It’s a hassle-free way to maintain your fitness routine.
  • Privacy: Experience the pleasure of swimming in the privacy and tranquillity of your own property. Enjoy the luxury of avoiding crowded public pools and have your own personal oasis for relaxation and exercise.

Proper maintenance is crucial to keep your lap pool clean and in optimal condition. Regular tasks include maintaining appropriate water chemistry, cleaning debris from the pool surface, and inspecting and servicing the filtration and circulation systems. It is recommended to consult with a professional pool maintenance service or refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines for specific maintenance instructions.

With the addition of heating systems, fibreglass lap pools can be used year-round, regardless of the weather conditions. Heating options such as solar heaters, heat pumps, or gas heaters can help maintain comfortable water temperatures, allowing you to enjoy your lap pool during colder seasons.

Generally, the installation of a fibreglass lap pool can be completed within a week, depending on the site’s condition and weather. This is significantly quicker compared to concrete pools which can take several months.

Yes, fibreglass lap pools come in various sizes, shapes, and colours. There are also options for customisation including adding spa jets, heating, lighting, and different pool finishes to match your preference and backyard aesthetics.

Absolutely. Fibreglass lap pools are designed to withstand fluctuating temperatures and harsh weather conditions, thanks to their flexible materials which can handle ground movement better than concrete pools. They typically come with long warranties, ensuring years of swimming enjoyment.

Fibreglass lap pools are considered to be more environmentally friendly than many alternatives. The production process of fibreglass pools generally has a lower carbon footprint compared to concrete pools. Additionally, the energy efficiency of fibreglass due to its better insulation properties can lead to lower energy costs for heating the pool. Plus, the reduced need for chemicals not only saves money but also decreases the amount of chemicals released into the environment, making fibreglass lap pools a greener choice for eco-conscious Perth homeowners.

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