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Please Note: Sizes are approximate indications only.

Fibreglass Lap Pools

The epitome of luxury, our range of fibreglass Lap pools have been designed with luxury in mind.

If fitness is your priority, then one of our luxurious fibreglass Lap pools will be the best option for you. Designed to be both elegant and practical, they’re also a good choice if you have a narrow block. Their long, slim, shape makes them a beautiful feature for your yard and their geometric angles make them incredibly eye catching.

Our range of Lap pools have been designed for the serious swimmer who needs an uninterrupted stretch of water to raise fitness levels. While they’re perfect for those ardent swimmers who want to improve their times and techniques, they’re also a good way to introduce your child to swimming. A Lap pool means they can build up their confidence with shorter widths rather than lengths.

The largest in our Lap pool range is 12m in length. If you like to start or finish the day with a refreshing dip in the pool with some invigorating lengths, then the 12m is perfectly suited for you. We have various lap pool designs in our other ranges. We also have an 8m Lap Pool and a 12m Lap Pool.

All these Lap pools can be fitted with optional spa jets. Because of their size, our Lap pools are also ideal if you want to enjoy some pool fun and enjoy some water games such as Marco Polo or Aqua Volleyball.

What To Consider When Buying a Lap Pool

  • Think about the sun, will the sun stream down on areas where you want it too, or will your pool be obstructed by buildings or the shade from trees?
  • Remember you’ll need some shade to escape the sun when it becomes too hot.
  • Ensure your chosen spot for your pool isn’t in an area which is too windy. If it is, consider having a windbreak.
  • Look at any vegetation, if there are trees and shrubs which overhang the pool area, you may get lots of leaves which fall directly into the pool and these will need clearing.
  • If children will be using the pool, make sure that they can be adequately supervised or seen from your home.

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