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What To Look For When Buying a Pool

Buying a pool can be a time consuming and sometimes-confusing process. Below are a few tips to watch out for that should help you make the right decision. 

1. Warranties

Some pool companies offer “Lifetime” or “never fade” warranties which sound fantastic, but the reality is, if it sounds too good to be true, it often is.

  • Always ask the name of the company who guarantees the product or gel coat. Not all the pool companies will give direct warranties. In many cases, you will find the warranties are held by unknown sister companies which have little or no assets. These sorts of warranties are worthless. Make sure the person who is giving the warranty has real reviews and a solid reputation.
  • Is the warranty transferable? Most pool companies don’t have transferable warranties, so if you sell your home, the pool is no longer covered under warranty with the new owner. Why is this so? Because the average person sells their home every nine years, meaning in the majority of cases, the warranty period is only nine years for the pool company. You need a fully transferable warranty, so you know your pool has been manufactured to the highest standard.
  • Paving Guarantee? The pool capping is the most expensive part of the paving process. Some pool companies only offer one year on the first row. This is not reassuring considering that the average price of bullnose paving is $2,000 and you will most likely be paying someone in the future for this to be re-laid again. Always ask what the paving guarantee is around the pool edge.

2. Is The Company Reputable

When considering various pool companies, it’s common to encounter claims of superiority and exceptional services. To determine the truth behind these assertions, you can employ several verification methods:

  • Request recent references: Ask the pool company for at least three recent references whom you can contact. Reach out to these individuals to inquire about their experiences with the company, including how they were treated and whether the entire process went according to plan.

  • Seek advice from local pool shops: Visit or contact your local pool shop and inquire about their recommendations or any companies they advise against. These establishments possess valuable insights as they frequently interact with new pool owners, making them well-informed sources of information.

  • Legal disputes: Inquire whether the pool company currently has any clients involved in disputes taken to the Building Disputes Tribunal. A reputable pool company should ideally have no ongoing legal issues with its clients.

  • Consult friends and family: Tap into your personal network by seeking recommendations from friends and family members. Chances are, someone you know has recently had a pool installed and can provide valuable insights based on their own experiences.

By employing these methods, you can gather a comprehensive understanding of a pool company’s reputation and ascertain whether their claims align with the experiences of their past clients.

3. Inclusions In The Price

To ensure that you can identify the valuable inclusions offered by different pool companies, consider the following factors and pay specific attention to Barrier Reef Pools prices:

  • Pump and filter suitability: Confirm if the pool company includes the appropriate-sized pump and filter. Be cautious of “Free” pump and filter upgrades, as they may overload the filter and compromise proper filtration. A reputable pool company should provide the right-sized filter and pump without requiring any upgrades.

  • Pencil compaction: It is crucial to ensure that pencil compaction is included in the services provided by the pool company. Additionally, make sure this aspect is explicitly stated in the contract. Avoid any attempts by salespeople to convince you to pay a subcontractor in cash for pencil compaction, as this can potentially void your warranty in most cases.

  • Educational video on Pencil Compaction: We invite you to watch our video on Pencil Compaction, which provides valuable information and insights on this important aspect of pool installation.

By considering these factors and exploring Barrier Reef Pools Perth prices, you can better evaluate the value offered by pool companies and make an informed decision regarding your pool installation.

4. Are All Costs Included In The Quoted Price, Or Will There Be Surprises?

There are a surprising amount of components to providing a completed, ready to go pool price. Below are a few examples of areas that need to be clearly indicated in the quote or in writing – if they are unclear there is a good chance you will have extras to pay after the contract is signed.

  • Bob Cat allowance? Always ask what the bobcat allowance is as some companies only allow 4-6hrs including travel time. There is no chance your pool will be dug out and the sand taken away within this time frame. A decent pool company will allow 8 hrs.
  • Crane allowance? You need the pool company to verify what size crane is included and how long they allow for it to be onsite and if travel time is included? This can get extremely costly as most cranes cost around $250 per hr.
  • Manual labour? Don’t be surprised if manual labour is not included in your pool price. Although installing a pool is a labour intensive job some pool companies will charge additional for this.
  • Tip Fees? Tip Fees should always be included for clean fill, however once again, you will find many pool companies will charge additional for this, and yet in most cases, the clean fill sand from your pool hole is being sold on. Some pool companies average tip fees are around $2,000.
  • Is an Excavator required? If an excavator is necessary, you should be notified of this and quoted on the additional cost at the time of the site inspection by the pool company representative. The usual practice of most companies is that they don’t want to scare clients away with additional costs, so they issue a notice of these requirements once the construction is underway when you can no longer change your mind on what pool company you will choose.
  • Do You Have An Established Budget? By creating a reliable budget that suits your needs, you can better navigate any unexpected costs that may crop up during installation. A budget will give you an idea of what to expect as well, so you aren’t taken by surprise at the total cost of a fibreglass pool. In addition, a budget will help guide you through the nuanced decisions, such as which design, color and size to choose – make future decisions easier on you! If you’d like to learn about buying a pool on a budget, read our blog about buying a pool on a budget!

5. Is The Company You Are Dealing With A Member Of SPASA?

The Swimming Pool & Spa Association of Western Australia (SPASA WA) is a self-regulated body, in which members have to abide by its rules, regulations and a strict code of ethics, in the conduct of their businesses.

  • SPASA members provide the safeguard of a Completion Guarantee for all residential pools.
  • All SPASA Pool builders must use SPASA approved contracts.
  • SPASA members are regularly notified of the latest technology and trade information from within Australia and overseas.
  • SPASA members must comply with the Australian Standards and meet all legal requirements.
  • SPASA WA provides a permanently staffed office, with employees that are competent to advise, and appropriately refer or assist consumers with their enquiries.
  • SPASA members have access to technical training and educational programmes designed to ensure their construction and maintenance staff perform with technical excellence.
  • Prior to acceptance as a member of SPASA WA, all applicants are assessed by the association as to their competence, experience and professionalism.

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