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A great spa is the height of luxury and our spa pools are sure to fit your requirements. We can work with your space and budget to ensure your spa works for you.

Our spas can be fitted alongside a larger swimming pool as part of a complete leisure package, or as a separate entity to enhance your outdoor space. You make the decision and we will do the rest.
The warm water and jets are sure to soothe muscles and various aches and offer you that much-needed opportunity to relax and unwind.

When deciding on a spa, think about the way it will be used, and the people who’ll be benefitting from it. It may seem obvious, but check that the entry into the spa works for you and all others who may use it. A big factor is whether it will fit into the decor of your home or your backyard.
You can have one entry step into it or as many as three. Generally speaking the greater number of steps, you have, the easier it is for those who are more infirm or unsteady on their feet.
Ensure that there are enough seated areas for your family and look at its shape and design. We have showrooms so why not come and look at the spa, step inside it to experience what it is like. Try one out – that way you will know it’s perfect for you.

How Does A Spa Work?

Water is drawn from the spa through a large outlet cover by a pump. It then passes through a filter and a heater. On its return to the spa, the water passes through many individual jet nozzles under pressure.

Turbulence is created by the nozzles, mixing water with air to produce an intermittent high-velocity jet. It’s this jet, or jets, combined with the warm water, that gives the soothing, relaxing effect.

Most spas also have an air manifold system. A series of air jets, set into the seat or floor, provide thousands of bubbles all over to give a soft, sensuous hydro-massage. The jets in the spa should be strategically placed for maximum hydro-massage to back and feet.

Hamilton Spa

The Hamilton Spa has been uniquely designed to work with our extensive range of swimming pools and complements the Majestic, Monaco and Caprice range. This spa’s simple, the geometric shape fits well within our range. It makes a beautiful addition to any home – as a stand-alone spa to make a bold statement to others.

With a Hamilton pool and spa, indulge in a completely relaxing and rejuvenating experience without ever having to leave your home. This spa gives you unlimited options whether you install it on its own or part of a dual package with a pool.

Monaco Spa

The Monaco Spa is square in design, with a seating area which is extremely generous. It has the ability to sit up to nine adults comfortably, so it can accommodate a relatively large number of people. It incorporates nine spa jets. With such space, you can enjoy a great ambience among friends or find a moment of solitude on your own.

There is no better way to unwind after a hard day than relaxing in your very own spa with the power of the jets and the soothing bubbles massaging your body and relaxing your mind.

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