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Welcome, Barrier Reef Pools is a boutique inground fibreglass swimming pool company based in Perth WA. We are family owned and have operated for over 30 years. Our reputation has been built on quality fibreglass swimming pools which sees over 70% of our business coming through recommendation. With a total of 124 awards presented by SPASA over the past ten years, from 2009 through to 2019, it is proof that our swimming pool company has been identified as a clear market leader. With one of the largest ranges of inground fibreglass pools in WA, we are extremely proud of the way we build and install our pools and the lengths we go to that sets us apart. All Barrier Reef Pools are installed by highly trained employees of our company. Please visit us at one of our display centres for more information.


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SPASA Pool Award Gold Winner

Award Winning Range

Choose from WA’S Largest Range with the added assurance you are dealing with WA’s most awarded fibreglass pool company. From 2009-2018 Barrier Reef Pools have now won over a hundred SPASA awards, clear proof of the company’s status as market leaders.

Australia's Number 1 Pool Warranty

Australia's Most Comprehensive Warranties

Barrier Reef Pools put their warranty ahead of the competition & are proud to offer Australia’s most comprehensive & customer focused warranty ever. With Lifetime Structural, Lifetime Internal, Lifetime Paving Warranty. All fully transferable.

Specialised Installation Process

Barrier Reef Pools are installed by our own highly trained employees. All Barrier Reef Pools are reinforced with steel and concrete for superior strength. Backed by our Lifetime paving guarantee which is unrivalled in our industry.

Made In WA

Made at our new state of the art manufacturing facility in Forrestdale WA. Barrier Reef Pools has been manufacturing pools for over 30 years & are proud to have established ourselves as Australia’s leading fibreglass swimming pool manufacturer.

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Most Frequently Asked Pool Questions

There are many things that contribute to the cost of your fibreglass pool, such as the shape, size and design that you choose, potential fees for council permits, and if there is any existing structures or trees that need to be removed prior to commencing installation. The most accurate way to find out how much your Fibreglass Pool will cost, is by contacting our experienced staff for a free quote.

There are many positives to owning a fibreglass pool in comparison to other types, one being how quick they are to install, in general it takes approximately 2-4 weeks to install a fibreglass pool. Installing a concrete pool can take anywhere from 3-6 months. Other benefits include easier maintenance and flexibility when deciding whether you want chlorine or saltwater. A Fibreglass Pool is a durable and affordable option.

A Fibreglass Swimming Pool is constructed from a mould that is made in a factory. It is made from fiberglass. As a Fibreglass Pool is made from moulds, this may limit the selections you can make in comparison to concrete.

Fibreglass pools are made from a mould and are produced in a factory. We have a 10 point process involved in manufacturing. This includes, a gel coat, vinyl ester resin, polyester resin, woven roving, structural honeycomb, final layer, curing, pool mould extraction, next we remove the excess fiberglass by trimming it and lastly, we complete a quality assurance check.

For decades, concrete pools used to dominate the pool industry. Today, Fibreglass Pools are more commonly found in Australian homes. This is a direct result of shorter construction times and lower upkeep and costs to run the pool. Fibreglass Pools have increased in popularity due to their affordability and durability. Concrete tends to be far more expensive, with a concrete pool taking upwards of 6 months to install. A concrete pool is generally coarse and absorbent, this makes it susceptible to algae. Therefore, property owners spend more money on chemicals to kill the algae. Concrete pools also require higher doses of muriatic acid to lessen the PH level.

Pool owners purchase fibreglass pools not only for the fact they are appealing to look at and install, but because they extremely durable and last a very long time. Fibreglass pools last for far longer than concrete pools and maintain their beautiful appearance and structure for more than 30 years. Barrier Reef Pools Perth surpass the Australian and worldwide standard for thickness. Our fibreglass pools have a slight flex to prevent cracking. They are designed to withstand most earth movements.

If everything runs smoothly, your fiberglass pool can be installed in as little as 7 days. The average installation time varies from 7 days to 3 weeks. Some unforeseeable factors that may alter the installation process are, poor weather conditions, tedious permit approvals, or the backyard may have some unexpected surprises when digging.

Yes, this is something you might consider if you live in a cooler climate or want your pool to be warm enough to enjoy throughout the cooler winter months. There are 2 main types of heating solutions that you can use for your fibreglass pool. Either a solar powered model that uses the power of the sun to heat your pool or a heating model that use electricity. Both heating choices have pros and cons. Your experienced Barrier Reef Pools Perth team member can advise you on which heating solution is best for you and your pool.

Yes, you can have a fiberglass pool with saltwater. However, its important to know that the type of salt you use makes a significant difference. A saltwater pool requires high quality salt that has no impurities. Scaling or staining can occur on your fiberglass pool if an inferior quality salt is used. It may even shorten the longevity of your pool equipment too.

Your new fiberglass pool can certainly have added features such as water slide, however Barrier Reef Pools do not sell them.

Both! All of our range is available in both above ground and in ground. An above ground pool is an affordable option when installing a pool. Some benefits include; a fast installation process, no need to excavate, this will save money and time. An above ground pool can also be installed to go perfectly in an existing timber deck or balcony. Our experienced team can help you decide which pool option is right for you and your home.

Most of us enjoy being outside making the most of our beautiful climate. For many people having a pool of their very own, improves their lifestyle dramatically. It provides a sanctuary that can be used to have fun in, relax and spend quality time with family and friends or even improve your fitness. A pool is something that can be enjoyed for many generations, creating lifelong memories. With a bit of research, a pool can add significant value to your home too.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Hi Avril When our pool was installed one of the three lights in the pool was playing up (from memory it didn't work). It's the one on the far left looking out at the pool from the house Apologies but I cannot recall his name, possibly Mark, came and had a look and got it going (chap with possibly an English accent?)

Richard and Melissa Smith

We have just had installed a 10.4m Majestic in Ocean Shimmer and I wanted to let you know that we are very happy with our new pool. We haven’t quite had it handed over to us yet – but “Her majesty” as we have decided to name her looks magnificent. (We have 5 lights too – wow they look amazing at night).

Julie Atkins

In my opinion BRP Perth are committed to quality and their staff and contractors are without doubt some of the best in the business. I am amazed at BRPs commitment to client satisfaction! As a professional engineer and a recent client I recognise and appreciate and congratulate BRP for their rare professionalism. Thank you Brad, Courtney, Mark, Mia and everyone else involved for a job incredibly well done!

Ted Chang

Just wanted to thank you and your team for the timeframe and quality of work on the installation of the pool. Special thanks to yourself for talking to Rupert and allowing him tostart paving inside the outline timeframe. Every single tradesman that you have working for you complimented your business and the process could not have gone smoother than it did. You delivered on your promise of a timely pool installation with no hidden costs and I'm very happy with the final product.

Greg Brosnan

Hi Brad, We would like to forward through a quick testimonial for you In March 2017, we decided to invest in a pool for our kids. From the 1st meeting with David Simpson to the installation and completion date, we could not have been happier with the service David gave us, and also his willingness to answer or return calls at all hours to answer questions. The installation team were efficient polite and professional and kept us informed of every step I would like to recommend Barrier Reef Pools to anyone thinking of buying a pool this summer.

Mark Stone

Installing The Swimming Pool Of Your Dreams Is Only 4 Easy Steps Away!

Barrier Reef Pools here in Perth makes the process of owning a pool easier, faster and more affordable. 

1. Contact Us For A Free Quote

Our Experienced Barrier Reef Pools team will organise a suitable time with you to complete an onsite quotation.

2. Getting Your Quote Approved

Prior to commencing work on your pool, one of our friendly staff will organise any necessary council approvals. 

3. Your New Pool Gets Installed

The area where your pool will be gets excavated and the construction process will begin. Your new pool can be finished in as little as 7 days!

4. Time To Go Swimming

Your new pool is all yours to enjoy with friends and family. We are sure you will make precious memories for years to come with one of Australia’s most preferred swimming pools. 

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We invite you to visit our display centres or contact us today for a free quote and site appraisal. Let Barrier Reef Pools WA, its skilled, experienced and friendly sales staff and work with you in selecting the very best design to meet your special needs.

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With three display centres around Perth, there is always someone close by to answer any questions you have on our fibreglass pools and to show you our extensive range of pools.

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We often get asked about latest trends in swimming pool designs and accessories, but one item growing in popularity are automatic pool covers which can be neatly stored away in hidden boxes. This covered box has many names such as a below ground box, recessed pool cover, integrated pool cover – but they all amount […]

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How Long Does A Fibreglass Pool Last?

A swimming pool is one of the top must-haves for any Australian backyard. Everyone wants to buy something that represents value for money; no-one wants to make a purchase which they regret later. A critical decision when making a choice about a pool, is its lifespan. Will it ever need replacing and if so when and how can you tell that the time has come for a new one? Fibreglass pools are among the most durable around. Technology has improved so much that with the latest gelcoat technology, you can expect a swimming pool to last at least thirty years or longer.

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What Is The Ideal Temperature For A Swimming Pool?

When it comes to enjoying your swimming pool, there are never-ending discussions over what’s the best pool temperature. No one wants to dip their toe in cold water but at the same time swim in a pool which is too warm, and it may send you to sleep. To keep all your family and guests happy, experts have come up with an optimal temperature. Across the board, it’s agreed the best temperature for a swimming pool is between 27 and 29 degrees Celsius.

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How Long Does It Take To Install A Fibreglass Pool?

If you’re considering a swimming pool, you’ll be thinking about the length of time it will take to install one, so it can be enjoyed as soon as possible. The good news is that a fibreglass swimming pool can be up and running within a short time scale – 7-10 Days

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What Are The Most Common Problems With A Pool?

Owning a swimming pool can give you endless hours of pleasure and fun, but it does come with ongoing maintenance. Everyone who owns a pool will have come across a problem at some stage. The good news is that most can easily be resolved, but it’s beneficial to know about the most common problems so you can expect the unexpected. Here at Barrier Reef Pools Perth, we’ve listed some of those you may experience more frequently.

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What Are The Pros And Cons Of A Saltwater Chlorinator?

Whether you’re buying your first pool or already know the joys of swimming in your own backyard, the decision to go for saltwater is one being taken more and more often by owners. There are many sound reasons for choosing a saltwater chlorinator, so if you haven’t considered one before, it is definitely worth investigating.

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Should You Get A Swim Spa?

Think of a swim spa and you’ll immediately conjure up an image of a place to relax and ease the stresses of everyday life while also indulging in a little exercise. Heated ones can be used all year round — winter, summer, spring, or autumn. An outdoor swim spa is a perfect place to socialise and unwind. There are huge benefits of owning a swim spa, not least because it can easily fit into a smaller backyard. Many people like to install a pool and swim spa combo to give them the best of both worlds. Here are five good reasons which may swing your decision to get one.

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Should You Buy A Swimming Pool In Winter?

The nights are dark, the thermometer’s mercury has plummeted, and you’re looking for that fluffy jumper you haven’t seen since last winter. Your thoughts inevitably turn to – building a new swimming pool. It might seem unlikely, but this is serious. Winter is when smart homeowners start planning for the year ahead. While the frustrations of last summer are still fresh in the mind, there is still enough time to make sure next years will be a whole lot better.

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What Can Leaves Do To Your Swimming Pool?

It’s that time of year when fallen leaves and debris can cause havoc to your swimming pool. Winter storms and strong winds are not good for your pool, especially if you’ve decided against installing a cover over the winter months. So, if you have a swimming pool close to trees, watch out for the dreaded leaves and the damage they may bring. They will affect your water balance, consume your chemicals and stain your pool surfaces, so try to remove them as soon as they arrive.

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Swimming Pool Covers

In Australia, we are blessed with great weather with brilliant sunshine and UV rays bombarding swimming pools for a large part of the year. The excellent weather means solar covers are a popular choice for many swimming pool owners as they absorb the sun’s rays.

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How To Prepare Your Pool For Winter

As the air cools down and we draw close to winter months, you’ll need to start thinking about what you’ll be doing with your pool. You have a choice to maximise its usage and keep it open in the winter months or to close it down. If you’re shutting it down, it’s always good to follow a routine to ensure it’s in excellent condition when it’s opened again in the spring.

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A Beginners Guide To Pool Maintenance

A swimming pool will bring you hours of fitness, fun and the opportunity to spend quality family time with each other. With any pool, there also comes maintenance, and here at Barrier Reef Pools Perth, we’ve come up with a handy guide for any first-time pool owner. Keep on top of your maintenance, and you won’t encounter any long-term problems. Our beginner’s guide to pool maintenance offers tips on what really counts to keep your pool clean and healthy.

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The Four Best Ways To Test Swimming Pool Water

During the summer months, your swimming pool will get maximum usage, and as a pool owner, you’ll need to be testing the water regularly to ensure it is fit to swim in. Hot weather will lead to water evaporation which can deplete chlorine levels and pH levels causing more algae and bacteria. That’s why it’s essential in the high season to test your pool water regularly every week or so, to find out if it’s healthy, clean and clear.

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What Is The Purpose Of A Swimming Pool Filter Pump

If the size and style of a swimming pool is the main event, the unsung hero working behind the scenes has to be the filter. A good filter works hard all the time to keep your pool clean, crystal clear and sanitary. In fact, any pool without a filter is like a home without a bathroom – not really functional.

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Five Reasons To Buy A Fibreglass Pool

There are more fibreglass swimming pools in this world than any other type. 60% of people who own a pool have chosen fibreglass. It’s a popular choice and for a good reason. Fibreglass pools can mean less maintenance, less cost and are ultimately more hard wearing. Here at Barrier Reef Pools, we’ve come up with five good reasons as to why it ranks number one for pool purchases.

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What Are the Best Types Of Automatic Pool Cleaners?

One of the worst things about owning a pool is the maintenance and upkeep. The good news is that over a relatively short period of time, automatic pool cleaners have made a dramatic difference in the amount of time and effort needed to clean your pool. The key is to look for a pool cleaner which has excellent suction. As we head towards the summer season and endless days in the pool, we’ve come up with some guidance on the types of pool cleaners available.

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Five Tips To Make Your Pool Energy Efficient

A swimming pool can provide endless entertainment and doesn’t necessarily have to be a drain on your pocket. Achieving an energy efficient pool is easy. The team at Barrier Reef Pools has come up with some great power-saving tips so you can spend your savings on pool party entertainment instead.

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When Is The Best Time To Buy A Pool

Thinking of buying a pool? So, when is the best time to take the plunge and become a home pool owner? Most people decide they need a swimming pool in the height of summer, right about when they want to use it. But this isn’t a job to be rushed, if you want the best pool for your garden, you need to start planning months ahead. Now is possibly the best time to place your order but here’s some handy advice to enable you to make an informed decision.

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What Will Heavy Rain Do To My Pool?

Did you know that one of the worst things for your swimming pool is water? It’s no joke, rain water can mess with your home pool in many ways, from its electrics to the chemical balance and, in flood situations, it can even fry your pump. Of course, in winter, we expect our share of heavy rain and electrical storms. You would’t use your pool during a thunderstorm, but if you should jump in afterwards, you could find your eyes stinging and the water tasting unusual.

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What Are The Benefits Of A Fibreglass Pool?

There’s no doubt that selecting a pool is an exciting prospect, but it’s also quite a substantial financial decision, so you’re bound to be cautious when making that purchase. There are two types of pools to choose between, namely fibreglass and concrete. Most Australians these days prefer a fibreglass pool because they generally last longer as they have a gelcoat. Fibreglass pools are constructed with layers of fibreglass strands and a resin. The inner surface is the gel coat. Here are six reasons why fibreglass is a better choice.

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Seven Tips To Prepare Your Pool For Winter

There’s very few people who will swim in an outdoor pool all year round, with most opting to close it down for winter. When you decide to put away your swimming bathers, ensure you take proper measures, so your pool doesn’t get damaged during its hibernation period. Shutting down your pool for winter is always more time consuming than opening it up, but if you take due care and attention, it will mean there’s less to do when you re-open it. Here at Barrier Reef Pools, we’ve come up with seven essential tips to help you hibernate it for the end of the swimming season.

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What Are The Pros And Cons Of Having A Pool?

What can be more inviting than cooling down in your own private pool as the sizzling summer temperatures take hold? A swimming pool can bring a family together and be a bonding experience for you and your children. It can also be an impressive backdrop if you invite guests around for a barbeque. But with a swimming pool comes maintenance and costs. Here at Barrier Reef Pools we’ve come up with some pros and cons, so you know what to think about before taking the plunge and buying a pool.

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Can You Splash Out On A Pool On A Budget?

Australia may have the perfect climate for swimming pools but many people assume that a pool is a luxury and beyond their price range. In fact, anyone can have a swimming pool whatever their budget. So, if you’re thinking of buying one, here’s a few things to consider to make it more affordable.

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The Stylish Manhattan A Modern Pool And Spa For The Family

Sometimes you come across a swimming pool which stands out from the rest. Here at Barrier Reef Pools we wanted to tell you about a stylish, state of the art pool which has been attracting plenty of interest. It’s easy to see why the Manhattan Pool and Spa is so popular and a firm favourite with both adults and children. It’s one of our newest designs and doesn’t disappoint in both functionality and looks.

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What Type Of Swimming Pool Heating Should You Use?

If you’ve splashed out on a swimming pool at your property, you’ll know it’s one of the biggest single purchases a householder can make, adding desirability to any home. But if your family’s not enjoying dips all year round, you may feel that you’re not getting full value for the money spent, especially as your pool still needs upkeep when not in use.

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Five Reasons To use An Ozone Swim Sanitation System

Did you know that 18% of residents in Western Australia live in homes which have swimming pools? We all know that pools need to be well maintained, hygienic and clean and the Ozone Swim Sanitation System is one of the best ways to achieve this. Ozone Swim uses an advanced oxidation process to produce ozone gas (03) into the pool circulation. When this ozone (03) is injected into the water, it breaks down into oxygen which safely oxidises and destroys any contaminants, bacteria, viruses or impurities.

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Spectacular Furniture Ideas For Around The Swimming Pool

A swimming pool in your own backyard is the ultimate in luxury. Accentuate your Barrier Reef Pool with unique and spectacular outdoor furniture. Soak up the sun on a day bed, escape to a private cabana, or drink and dine while overlooking your sparking pool. Create your own resort where you can relax and entertain. With the beautiful weather in Perth, the swimming pool should be the showcase of your home.

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Add Value To Your Home With Barrier Reef’s Leisure Pools

If you are considering purchasing a pool, so that you and your family can cool off in summer, you may not be aware that the leisure pool can also be an investment that adds value to your home. Even though house block sizes have decreased in Perth over the years, this has not impacted the desire for owning a pool. Creating an amazing pool and environment can increase the value of your property which helps you get a higher price if you decide to sell.

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