Inground Swimming Pool Prices and Installation

5 Easy Steps

  1. Your agent and installer will submit a layout plan and obtain council approval.
  2. The hole is carefully excavated, the base prepared and levelled. Pool is lowered into position. Even tight and difficult access is not a problem.
  3. Pool is accurately positioned, and plumbing connected.
  4. A concrete reinforced bond beam is poured around the pool to lock it firmly in place, and to provide a surface for laying the paver surround.
  5. Final paving, landscaping, fencing. Pool is then commissioned and you’re ready to go!

Quality Certification and Process Controls

We build QUALITY into our pools at every stage of the manufacturing process. From the detailed preparation of the mould, through full production, final detailing, inspection, storage and transport to your site. We meet and exceed the requirements of the 2006 International Building Code, the 2006 Residential Code, and the 1997 Uniform Building Code for the use of world-class construction methods and quality assurance of all our pools. What this means – is that you can have complete confidence your Barrier Reef pool has been constructed to the highest standards possible, to give you a lifetime of carefree swimming.

Personalised Service

Contact with Head Office and manufacturing plant in Forrestdale – Locally owned, Owner operator; Brad Hilbert established Barrier Reef Pools Perth in 2006 after working for the head company in Queensland. Brad realised that there was an opportunity in WA for a premium fibreglass pool company and decided to take what he believed to be the best quality fibreglass pool on the market. Since then Barrier Reef Pools Perth have won over 106 SPASA awards and have been the most awarded pool company in Perth for the last nine years.

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We invite you to visit our display centres or contact us today for a free quote and site appraisal. Let Barrier Reef Pools WA and its skilled, experienced and friendly sales staff work with you in selecting the very best design to meet your special needs.

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With three display centres around Perth, there is always someone close by to answer any questions you have on our fibreglass pools and to show you our extensive range of pools.

Our Mandurah display is undergoing a large renovation. We are still open for business.

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