Pool Ideas And Tips

The 10 Best Lights For Your Home Pool!

Pool lighting isn’t only for making your pool look amazing during evenings and nights. It also provides safety and can go a long way in preventing accidents in and around the swimming

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Pool Maintenance

Top Pool Maintenance Tips

Pools are a great investment both for your property and your family’s happiness. Not only does it significantly increase the value of your house during evaluation, but it also gives

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Pool Cleaning

A Guide To Pool Skimmers

Pool skimmers are a vital cleaning element used for the pools to keep the water fresh and healthy. They are like a gutter i.e. it helps in capturing debris in

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Fibreglass Swimming Pools

What Is A Spillway Spa?

If you are looking for a swimming pool and a spa combination, you will probably have heard of the term spillway spa. A spillway is just as it sounds –

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Pool Ideas And Tips

Design Ideas For Your Pool Area

Design Ideas For Your Pool Area A fibreglass pool can be more than a simple pool: it can be an excuse to transform your backyard and finally implement that design

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Swimming Pools

Can You Heat A Fibreglass Pool?

Can You Heat A Fibreglass Pool? There is a big difference between can your fibreglass pool be heated and should it be heated. The difference is possibility and preference. In

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the amazing benefits of a lap pool featured image
Swimming Health Benefits

The Amazing Benefits Of A Lap Pool

The Amazing Health Benefits Of A Lap Pool It’s common knowledge that Australians love swimming; and we’re pretty good at it too! This might explain why 81%* of Aussies live

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Swimming Pools

Choosing Between A Rectangular Or Freeform Pool

Here at Barrier Reef Pools Perth, we understand that decisions can sometimes be overwhelming and tedious obstacles between you and diving into your new pool! But it’s important to take this last step carefully, because deciding on the shape of your pool is final and can drastically affect how it blends into your home.

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