Pool Colour Chart

Pool Colour Chart

“Advance Pool colour technology

Gelcoat and Resin Technology

Barrier Reef Pools Perth sources our Advanced Pool Colour Technology “Gelcoat” from a Global Industry leader in Gelcoat and Resin technology which has been supplying to the swimming pool industry for over 20 years. This innovative Gelcoat and Resin technology can be found in products such as cars, planes, boats, bridges and now in our very own world-class pools to ensure superior interior surface performance.
Advanced Pool Colour Technology Gelcoat: uses the best performing pigment technology currently available. At Barrier Reef Pools Perth we include our Advanced Pool Colour Technology standard with all pool packages ensuring all our customers get the best pool finish available.

Advanced Pool Colour Technology Versus Standard Pool Finish

  • Gelcoat that is manufactured by an Internationally ISO 9001 company
  • Gelcoat has been designed to withstand harsh Australian weather conditions
  • Best Pigment technology currently available
  • Superior UV weathering performance
  • Superior Chemical resistance e.g. Chlorine and Acid found in swimming pools
  • Superb water resistance
  • Highest resistance to osmotic blistering
  • Tough, long-lasting and durable surface with gloss retention
  • Lifetime Interior surface Guarantee

Swimming Pool UV Resistant Colour Chart

Fibreglass pools have rapidly increased in Quality due to the application of advanced swimming pool technology. They offer not only a fantastic range of shapes and sizes but an equally impressive selection of stunning colours.
Fibreglass pool colours had come a long way since the early days when pools were hand made and manufactured without the assistance of any form of equipment, and now most pools come with extended structural guarantees.
Remember your pool is a great source of entertainment for family and friends so always make sure you take great care of it through a balance of chemicals thus making sure your pool looks great and feels great.
The colour range for the Barrier Reef Pools Perth fibreglass pools, comprises of 1 Standard colour and 8 additional colours. All these colours are UV Resistant. The most popular colours are Royal Blue Shimmer, Pacific Shimmer and Ocean Shimmer. Royal Jade Shimmer is also becoming more popular. All these colours can be seen at anyone of our display centres around Perth. Going to a display centre is really the best way to check out the colours, you will really get to appreciate the different colours on show. The actual water colour will vary with different light levels, sunlight, shadow, shade and surface water movement.

Disclaimer: While every effort has been made we cannot guarantee exact colour matches or shimmer/sparkle amounts in the swimming pools we manufacture.

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