Monaco Plunge 4.2m x 2.6m Mosman

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The front yard of this home in Mosman Park proves that a brilliant design can be achieved no matter how much space is available.
“The design of the front yard was based around the pool – installed at a Mosman Park property, the pool is the focal point,” Barrier Reef Pools Director Bradley Hilbert said.

The 4.2m by 2.6m creation is surrounded by pristine landscaping. A relaxing timber bench sits in the corner of the space, while a raised timber deck provides an intimate space to relax and admire the pool. The main attraction, however, is in the pool itself.
“This pool has a full-length sun bed water feature complete with four LED bubblers that provide the wow factor,” Mr Hilbert said.

Included within the pool is a seating area that spans two sides of the space, ending in built-in steps. Not only is this a fantastic space-saving device, it also creates a seamless entry into the pool.
The floor of the pool is a flat-bottomed 1.6m, which makes it the perfect depth for wading through the water, as well as being deep enough for a swim.

An outdoor shower is also found on the side of the pool, completing this immaculate area. Naturally, with a small space there is a fine balancing act to enable everything to fit without it feeling cramped. “The main aim with this pool was to maximise the area, but also make sure the balance was kept right,” Mr Hilbert said.

The use of colour is pivotal in a small space because there is nowhere to hide, but the choice of colour palate in this design was ideal. “Natural colours provided a timeless look and feel that was essential to the overall design,” Mr Hilbert said.

Plants and greenery border the area and create a brilliant contrast to create a picturesque outlook. The use of lights allows this design to take on a brilliant new look as the sun begins to set, allowing for the pool to be enjoyed at all times of the day and night.

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