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Australia's Most Comprehensive & Customer Focused Pool Warranties

Barrier Reef Pools DOES NOT use or endorse the use of any filler in Fibreglass Pools

We start with the best & improve from there. Our commitment to overall product quality ensures that we use the finest materials and innovative manufacturing process to bring you the very best in fibreglass pools

Our Dedication to perfection will always keep Barrier Reef Pools as Australia's No.1 Choice of fibreglass swimming pools.

Barrier Reef Pools are world leaders in the construction of fibreglass pools and has won over 100 SPASA Awards over 10 years.

Barrier Reef Pools are proud suppliers of RF composites, who are Australian Leaders in gelcoat technology. Only the highest marine grade isophthalic NPG gelcoats are used in Barrier Reef Pools.

When you buy a Barrier Reef Pool you can be assured that you have purchased the best fibreglass swimming pool that money can buy and our warranty speaks for itself.

A warranty that is clear, comprehensive and designed for your peace of mind.

Barrier Reef Pools warrants to all of its valued customers that every pool :

  • Has been manufactured under strict quality assurance controls and exceeds Australian and  World standards for strength and durability.

  • Has a unique registration number for product process control and tractability, recording material weights, wall thickness, hardness, production environment.

  • Only the best materials, operating conditions and production crews are used to build our pools. You are getting the benefit of manufacturing and support from people with extensive skill and knowledge in the swimming pool manufacturing industry.

  • Is supported by a lifetime structural warranty, and a gelcoat colour (internal) warranty that meets Australian Standards and SPASA guidelines.

    • Fully Transferable
    • Genuine Factory Backed Warranty Direct from Barrier Reef Pools (not an outside subsidary company)
    • Advance Pool Colour Techonolgy
    • Lifetime Genuine Factory Backed Warranty Direct from Barrier Reef Pools (not an outside subsidary company)
    • Marine Grade ISO NPG
    • Fully Transferable
    • Lifetime Paving Guarantee against any bullnose paving becoming loose around the pool`s edge
    • Industry Standard 1 year
    • Fully Transferable
    • 10yrs Plumbing Guaranteed against any plumbing leaks to do with the pool
    • Industry Standard 1 year
    • Fully Transferable
    • 5yrs Pencil Compacting Guaranteed against any subsidence around the pool
    • Industry Standard No Warranty Provided


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Barrier Reef Pools Swimming Pool Display Centres

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