Pool Party Decor Ideas For Your Wedding

A wedding is an important event in everyone's life. Different people celebrate it in different ways. Some like to celebrate their wedding in a really grand way with lots of pomp and quirk, while some prefer to keep it a closed and private affair. Weddings in one's own backyard are becoming extremely popular due to their cost-effectiveness and the intimacy they offer. It is also becoming attractive to people due to its uniqueness.

Typically, the main attraction at a backyard wedding is the swimming pool. If you do not have a swimming pool in your home, you can rent one to have a unique and special pool wedding. The poolside can be decorated in numerous ways to accentuate its beauty and give the perfect aesthetic to match the tone of your wedding.

Decorating the pool

The swimming pool will take centre stage in a pool wedding. This makes it crucial to decorate your swimming pool in the best way possible to make it look striking and aesthetically pleasing. There are several ways to make your pool look charming for your wedding.

Fill your wedding with flowers

Flowers are a timeless choice for wedding decorations. It is also a good decorating option for pool wedding parties. You can create a beautiful and romantic mood by mixing the sweet fragrance and freshness of flowers with the crystal blue beauty of water.

The swimming pool will be taking up a lot of space in the pool wedding party. You can use it to your advantage by filling the pool with flower-filled pool floats. A lovely arrangement of floating lotuses is a great way to give the feeling of charm and serenity. You can also use floating flower candles and frames to add an appealing look to the pool. For a sort of fairy tale impression, large floral arrangements can be fashioned to perch on the side of the pool and spill into the water.

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Use floating candles to your advantage

Candles are a great decoration for all kinds of celebrations, and pool wedding parties are no different. You can fill your swimming pool with beautiful candles to give it an ethereal look, especially during the night. Arrange the candles in a unique and creative way to give them a personalised look. You can make wreaths out of flower petals and moss and place candles in the centre. You can add numerous other accessories to the decoration, like balloons, umbrellas, and paper lanterns, to have an added effect.

Use decorative lettering

Using decorative lettering is a great choice for revamping your poolside during the wedding party. In this era of Twitter and Instagram, you can opt for a hashtag background to add a wow factor to the wedding party. Not just hashtags, you can also go for sentimental phrases or monograms of the couple while making decorative letter signs. Use oversized letters so that it easily attracts the attention of the guests. You can arrange the letters in an artistic way near the edge of the pool. It can also be decorated using candles and flowers to match the overall tone of the wedding. When the decorative letters are reflected in the pool water, it will have a magical effect.

You can also arrange the decorative letters in the pool water to have a unique look. The floating letters can be decorated using flowers and moss. You can also place candles in the centre to give a pleasing look.

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Aisle decoration

Every wedding needs a beautifully decorated aisle, and pool weddings are no different. Make a bridge using glass or some other strong material over the bridge to use as your aisle. Decorate the bridge using flowers and moss. The arch can be made using fabric and flower petals. You can also add tassels and balloons to add charm to the aisle.

Table arrangements

Try a quirkier and funkier table arrangement for the pool wedding party. Use flowers and tablecloths to match the overall colour scheme of the wedding. You can also place quirky and unique signs on each table to add to the fun look. If you are going for a flower-themed pool arrangement, then put matching flowers on the table to get a harmonious look. You can also go for flowers with contrasting colours to have a distinct look.

You can also make drinks to match the colour theme of the wedding and display them at the table in the drink bar. You can serve them with straws, small umbrellas, and other decorations that match the theme of the wedding. The same can be done with the food spread. Serve quirky cupcakes, doughnuts, and other delicious treats designed to match the decorations of the wedding.

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Try a themed party

Having a pool wedding party with a theme is a great idea for a quirky party. There are numerous themes from which you can choose, like Boho, Brazilian, Hawaiian, Tropical, and Spanish. You can fill your pool and poolside with floats and decorations to match the theme and celebrate your pool wedding like a destination wedding.

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Photo booth

Taking photos is a big part of the wedding tradition. You can add some quirkiness to it by opting for a photo booth. Decorate the photo booth to match the theme of your wedding. You can use flowers, fabrics, and small paper umbrellas to give the photo booth a charming look. You can also place some add-ons in the photo booth, like quirky sunglasses that people can pose with while taking the photograph.


These can be used to add a fun element to the wedding. You can place quirky signboards indicating different locations so that the guests can easily find anything they need.

Wrapping up

A poolside wedding can be transformed into a dreamy and beautiful affair by using the right decorations. You can make your wedding fun, romantic, and luxurious without much expense by being a little creative. You can even have a summer, spring, or fall wedding at your poolside with the right planning.

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