The Amazing Benefits Of Pool Heating & How To Get Many More Months Of Swimming In Your Fibreglass Pool

When you invest in a swimming pool, mostly it is to beat the summer heat and cool down. However, as the seasons go on, you may want to utilise your swimming pool in the cooler months as well.

The water may be too cold so will need some additional heating to make it comfortable to swim in. Are you a fitness freak and enjoy swimming laps all year round? Or do you enjoy more soothing relaxation or rehabilitation work? Heating your swimming pool may be a great advantage for your lifestyle and family. 

There is a misconception that if you live in a warm climate, the pool will stay warm over the year. However, unfortunately this isn’t true, because no matter where you live in Australia, you will need to install pool heating to increase and maintain your water temperature. Even if you are living amongst the warmest regions, your swimming pool temperature during the hottest months would sit around 30 degrees, and during the cooler months, you can expect the pool temperature to drop over 10 degrees. If you live in the cooler regions of Australia, you can expect your pool temperature to sit somewhere between 16 and 22 degrees – and that’s during the summer time. 

Whilst the pool temperature may seem warm enough if you dip your hand or toe in at the surface- however when you actually submerge into the water, you then realise that only the surface is warm. This is just because the warmth from the sun is only just enough to heat the surface, and not penetrate below. It makes a lot of sense to install a heating system for your swimming pool, so it can allow you to enjoy your pool all year round! 

What to Consider: 

Before you decide to invest in a heating system, you need to consider the advantages and challenges that will come. Does your pool and home get a lot of sunshine? Do you desire swimming in your pool throughout the whole year? Will your pool only be used in summer? Chat to the team at Barrier Reef Pools Perth for further suggestions for your pool. 

Whether you are a seasoned swimming pool owner or looking at installing your first new pool, if you are considering adding a heating option for your pool, it is imperative to understand all the different heating options, to ensure you can choose the most effective system for your swimming pool and situation. Gas used to be the only (and very expensive) pool heating option, but since solar panels have evolved, it has proven to be a very popular option since you can save financially and environmentally. 

Solar Heating 

Solar heating is most like the most popular heating option as it is the most energy efficient and financially efficient to use. Instead of using costly electricity or gas, solar units use the energy from the sun to heat the pool. Solar heating systems are also a very eco friendly option as well as saving you money.

It works by using a solar pump that runs the water from your pool through a series of tubes on your roof, and as it passes through them that water gets heated up, then the warm water is sent back into your pool. This process means you will achieve an even temperature throughout your pool. The downfall is that they are not as effective- especially when there are clouds or no sun. This is inconvenient if you are keen to use your pool but it hasn’t heated up enough. 

Gas Heating 

You can choose to have the solar unit as your main heating source and then have a back up using gas if the weather hasn’t been ideal to warm the water. A gas system is a big energy consumer and isn’t that great for the environment, or your budget. However, the best advantage to using gas heating is that your pool can warm up quickly. This makes them a fantastic option for smaller pools and spas. 

The gas heating system works by burning gas in a combustion chamber, and doesn’t require any external environmental factors. Inside the combustion chamber there is a series of copper coils that the pool water runs through and heats. Once it is heated it is then returned to the pool. 

Heat Pumps

Electric pool heaters heat up the pool more quickly and more effectively than solar although they are not as environmentally friendly, and they are more expensive. They use the humidity and heat from the air via a heat exchanger, thus warming your pool. Heat pumps are usually more dependable than solar because they aren’t relying on the sun’s rays to work, as they can also collect heat from the air and overnight too. Whilst electric heaters aren’t as cost effective to run as solar heating systems, they aren’t as expensive as gas. Therefore electric heating systems are another popular pool heating option. 

Before you start your heating journey, it is a good idea to invest in a pool cover as well. A cover significantly reduces the heat loss, and helps retain the warmth in your pool. Which means less heating time for the water to get to the desired temperature, plus it can save you money on your heating bills. Plus it protects from debris and cleaning too! Also the great thing about fibreglass pools is they insulate and retain heat more effectively than other pool types, and they heat up quicker too! 

Which Pool Heating System Is Right for My Pool? 

For most people, using their pool through winter time isn’t an option as it is freezing. If you would like to continue swimming through the cooler seasons, you will benefit from installing some heating in your pool. If you only use your pool in summer, and won’t swim during winter, then a heating system would be a waste of money. Especially considering it is an expensive addition to the initial and ongoing maintenance/running costs. Also keep in mind the size of your pool, because a larger pool will require a bigger and more costly heating system for consistent warm water temperatures.

Here at Barrier Reef Pools Perth, we hoped to have given an insightful look into the different pool heating systems, so you can make an informed decision based on your budget and preferences. If you are still unsure about if or which heating system will work best, our friendly team of pool experts will happily answer any questions you may have regarding pool heating.

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