Here Are Some Of The Top Swimming Pool Accessories That Every Pool Owner Must Have

A swimming pool can offer a fun-filled experience for you, your family, and friends. However, if you want to take your pool game to a whole new level, you will need the help of some accessories. Some of these accessories are essential while others are for fun. Depending on what you need, you can personalize it any way you want.

However, an important thing to remember is that when choosing pool accessories, your priority should be safety. You should check twice and make sure that the pool accessory you are buying is enhancing the safety of your pool or not. Here is a list of some pool accessories that are a must-have for any type of pool, including fibreglass pool:

1. Cleaning Accessories

One of the most important tasks of maintaining your swimming pool is keeping it clean. It helps ensure that your pool meets the hygiene standards. Also, by cleaning your pool regularly, you can minimize the risk of infection. Stagnant water can lead to the accumulation of algae and bacteria. You can use the following accessories to clean your pool:

  1. Chemical floater – The chemical floater gradually releases chemicals while floating on water.

  2. Pool broom – You need a broom to remove algae and leaves from your swimming pool.

  3. Vacuum cleaner – Over time, there will be algae and stains in your swimming pool that will be almost impossible to remove manually. For this, you will need a vacuum cleaner that will be able to provide efficient cleaning. You can also maintain your pool’s hygiene through a filter cartridge cleaning device.

  4. Skimmer – A skimmer is a flattened net attached to a long pole. It is a must-have accessory for your swimming pool because of the easy access it gives to the pool. There are some poles that come with interchangeable heads. You can either get a brush head or a leaf bag. This easy-to-use tool is supposed to be used after every swimming session as it can pick up any debris floating on top like leaves, flower petals, insects, etc. Another interesting use of this accessory is that it can help you pull out pool toys which might have been left behind or accidentally dropped by kids.

Check out our guide for pool skimmers!

2. Safety equipment

When it comes to safety, there is no product that can match the effectiveness of close supervision. However, there are a few items that you should keep on hand in order to ensure that everyone using your swimming pool is safe. These equipment can include a float line and rope for cordoning off the pool’s deep end, a safety hook, a first aid kit, and a ring buoy. Make sure that all of these items are located in an area near the safety pool. Also, the location should be well-marked and easily accessible. Since this equipment won’t be used regularly, you should inspect them every once in a while to make sure that they are in good working condition.

3. Pool barrier

A pool barrier is an accessory that latches the pool in order to prevent entry to the pool. Once you set up the pool barrier, entry into the pool will be restricted. When buying one, you should look for one that also restricts pets from entering. Not all barriers can keep your pets and children out of the pool. Many of them will just prevent unauthorized access. If someone is determined enough, they will still be able to access the pool, even with a pool barrier around it. The ones that do will be of better quality and more expensive. So, if you have a big family with a lot of kids and pets, you should invest in a barrier that comes with safety mechanisms. 

One of the best options for a pool barrier that offers this level of safety is the polycarbonate pool barrier. Their design comes with automatic latching mechanisms that protect your pool from everyone. So, the automatic self-latching systems will work, in case you don’t remember to lock the barrier.

4. Alarms and light

Even if you have a swimming pool enclosure, you still need an alarm. When you have a swimming pool alarm, accessing the pool area will be almost impossible for any intruder. Make sure that you install them in strategic locations like entrance, pool deck, doors, windows, etc. If your budget allows it, you can opt for alarms that include infrared or wave detecting.

Apart from alarms, you also need pool lights. This is especially important if you like to swim at night. You can get modern swimming lights that are energy-efficient LED systems. It is important to note that pool lights are not only for safety concerns. They can also work as a decorative accessory, giving a beautiful aesthetic to your swimming pool. You can strategically place fibreglass pool LED lights to make sure that they don’t mess with your aesthetic and provide the much-needed lighting.

5. Pool cover

With a pool cover, you won’t have to worry about foreign contaminants like dirt and debris entering your  pool. It also offers other benefits, such as reducing loss of water caused through evaporation and preserving heat that’s in the water. However, you have to make sure that your pool cover is child and pet-proof. You can buy a fibreglass pool cover as they are sturdy enough to bear a lot of weight. This is a great choice for someone who is looking for a pool cover that offers an additional safety feature for their children and pets. 

You can cut corners on building your swimming pool by opting for a more affordable option like fibreglass pools, but cutting corners on swimming pool safety is not something you can afford to do. Once you have secured the pool, your family and friends will be able to take advantage of it confidently. Even though the structure of the swimming pool is what mostly guarantees safety, you should make sure that every accessory that you buy meets the standards of pool safety. Apart from this, you should also focus on other aspects of pool safety such as active supervision and proper training. The above-mentioned is a small list of must-have accessories that you need for your swimming pool. It is important to remember that as an owner of a swimming pool, you are responsible for making sure that everyone using the pool is safe.

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