A Complete Guide To Spas and Swim Spas

Relaxing in a spa is not just a benefit of going on holidays. These days homeowners are investing in spas and swim spas for their everyday advantage. Imagine coming home after a long and stressful day at work, and being able to relax in your very own spa in your backyard!

If you are considering a spa for your home, read on for our complete guide to spas and swim spas. This will inform you of all you will need to know before investing in your new spa.

What is a spa?

Essentially, a spa is just a small sized pool with designated seating, spa jets and heating. Their focus is to be used for relaxation. Compared to a swimming pool, having a spa will allow you to enjoy all the health benefits that water offers, in a more cost effective and easier to maintain option. With a great selection of colours, styles, and designs, you are sure to find a style of spa or swim spa that will suit your lifestyle requirements.

Factors to consider before investing:

Before you purchase your spa, you should consider how much you can afford to spend on a spa.

Do you want to use your spa exclusively for relaxation or maybe a swim spa if you have more space and to increase your fitness too?

Make sure you know how many people you expect will be using your spa, and how much space in your backyard that you are willing to utilise for your spa space.

Your pool builder should be able to offer you some helpful advice regarding which type of spa is best suited to your lifestyle requirements, and to ensure you are getting the best value for money.

Benefits of spas and swim spas:

Whilst we know that sitting in warm water with massaging spa jets is obviously relaxing, there are additional benefits to owning a spa. Fresh air, and being outside can be beneficial for your physical health, as well as your mental health. What better way to enjoy that, by sitting in a warm spa enjoying the peace and quiet. This leads on to the benefit of stress release and reducing stress and tension, both physically and mentally.

Taking time out of the ‘busy-ness’ of life will help you relax and de-stress. The warm water does wonders for tight muscles, along with spa jets that can work to massage tired and sore muscles and reduce pain associated with injuries or conditions such as osteoarthritis. Spas and swim spas are also a catalyst for many sleep benefits too.

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Improved quality of sleep and being able to fall asleep more quickly have been some of the proven results not only for children and for adults. Did you know that when you are submerged in water, there’s extra pressure on the body and will increase your heart rate? This actually has a positive impact on your cardiovascular health.

Alongside the physical and mental benefits, being able to focus on the advantage of quality time with those you care about is going to build and be beneficial to your relationships too. Jumping in a spa means getting outside, away from technology to spend time together as a family. Having a spa is also ideal for entertaining your friends when they come over too.

Different types of spas

Swim spas

  • Larger than a regular spa
  • Designed for relaxation
  • Used for fitness and for hydrotherapy purposes
  • Great for those who are limited on space
  • Can cost more in heating compared to regular sized pool


  • Offer many of the same benefits that swim spas offer
  • Not enough room to swim
  • Can be used for hydrotherapy and relaxation
  • Relatively simple to maintain


Pool with a spa

  • Provides the ultimate swimming experience
  • Allows for laps and playing in the pool
  • Relaxing in the spa
  • Perfect size for entertaining groups and parties
  • Looks impressive and can add to the overall appeal of your house and pool
  • More expensive to install and maintain

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Installation options:

Both spas and swim spas can either be freestanding or installed inground. They can be installed as a part of a pool design or on their own.


  • Easily blended in and tied in well with an array of backgrounds
  • Can create a stunning feature in the backyard if done well
  • Add value to your home
  • Will cost more as the construction process is far more labour intensive

Above ground

  • Two different types of above ground spas (ready made and freestanding spas) – cheapest spa option on the market
  • Aren’t as sturdy or as durable as inground spas
  • Aren’t as appealing
  • Hard to incorporate them into the style of your backyard
  • Unlikely to add any value to your home if you decide to sell

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What are the ongoing costs?

The amount of money you will need to spend on your spa will depend on a few factors. Things to take into consideration are how big your spa is, how often you use it and what type of heating you have. As an idea, a swim spa costs around $15 a week whereas a smaller type can cost around $10 each week. If you do not heat your spa, it will only cost about $3 a week.

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Fencing for your spa

If you don’t fence your spa, you could face hefty fines, because it is a mandatory requirement for all bodies of water deeper than 30mm to have a compliant pool fence installed. It is recommended to consider your spa fencing during the design phase. Discuss with your pool builder your fencing options, and ensure that your it meets the national standards. They will need to ensure it is compliant before construction is finished.

Are you ready for the benefits of a spa or swim spa?

Hopefully you now have an insight into spas and the benefits they offer. For further information and advice, please reach out to our friendly team at Barrier Reef Pools Perth. With extensive experience in fitting and installing award winning spas and swim spas, we are happy to help you with your backyard dream.

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