What Is A Spillway Spa?

If you are looking for a swimming pool and a spa combination, you will probably have heard of the term spillway spa. A spillway is just as it sounds – a spa with a fountain of water that cascades freely into your swimming pool. The two are connected together, and the water is constantly flowing into the main pool.

This water spills over a ledge to create a relaxing, therapeutic experience, adding visual interest to your pool. A spillover can be one wide cascade, usually known as an open spillway, or separated into narrower spillways, often called a bridge spillway.

Spillway spas are becoming ever more popular, incorporated into many modern swimming pool designs.


Creates A Natural Ambience

Essentially a spillway mimics a waterfall. Waterfalls are captivating, and the sound of water flowing is relaxing. A spillway spa and can eradicate background noise such as traffic or construction works.

The sound of running water is soothing to the senses. There has been much research to show the benefits of the sound of water. It induces a flood of neurochemicals to promote wellness, heightens blood flow to the brain and heart to induce relaxation.

Keeps The Pool And Spa Connected

The two elements – a swimming pool and spillway spa – connect together to create uniformity bringing a holiday resort feel to your home. The spillway spa visually softens the design of the pool. An integrated spillway spa and pool is a perfect combination if you enjoy socialising.

Why not do some serious swimming while friends and family relax in the spa? Alternatively, allow the children to let off steam in the swimming pool while you unwind and chill in the spa.

Keeps The Water Circulated

A spillway spa and pool combination promotes better hygiene because of enhanced water circulation. Good water circulation will ensure your chemicals are spread evenly around the pool and keeps your water flowing through the filtration system to keep it crystal clear.

The integrated combination reduces the need for separate chemical testings for the pool and the spillway spa.

Reduces Cost

An integrated spa spillway and a pool is one entity with the spa portioned off in one corner. Because they are one, electricity and running costs are reduced because they share the equipment such as the pump filter. When you test the water, you are doing it for both the spa and the pool.

For an in-ground fibreglass pool, you can’t beat the aesthetics of a spillway spa and pool combination. Imagine it at night with your pool lights on – it will create a magical evening.

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