What Are The Pros And Cons Of Having A Pool?

What Are They Pros And Cons Of Having A Pool?

What can be more inviting than cooling down in your own private pool as the sizzling summer temperatures take hold? A swimming pool can bring a family together and be a bonding experience for you and your children. It can also be an impressive backdrop if you invite guests around for a barbeque. But with a swimming pool comes maintenance and costs. Here at Barrier Reef Pools we’ve come up with some pros and cons, so you know what to think about before taking the plunge and buying a pool.


Gives you home the ‘wow’ factor. Pool parties are always memorable for the right reasons. Jumping in and out of the water and letting the kids play with inflatables has to be one of the best ways to spend a weekend afternoon. Throw in a barbeque and some drinks to make it even more idyllic.

Thinking about getting fit? Well a swimming pool will give you the incentive to do just that. Okay, you may not be doing Olympic size laps but it doesn’t take many lengths to build up stamina and to keep your body fit and healthy. It will make you popular with your children Every child loves to swim and fool around in water and it’s a great attraction to get youngsters off their laptops and smart phones and to get involved in some physical exercise. Research shows that children who have swimming pools at their homes tend to have stronger swimming skills, and are aware of keeping safe in water.

Remember your home is your castle, having a pool in your back garden elevates your house into luxurious status. It’s a desirable feature, always impresses guest and adds value to your property.


Initial outlay and costs The size of your pool will determine how much it costs and type of installation fees. It takes time and effort to put one in your yard so be prepared for some disruption when contractors move in. Swimming pools come with different price tags so choose one which you can afford.

There are monthly maintenance costs associated with a pool. You need to purchase chemicals to keep your water at a safe alkaline level and to prevent algae growth and there will be costs for filters, pumps and chlorinators. The pool will need to be backwashed at least once a season. If this sounds too much, you can hire a pool man to do regular checks, but be prepared for the expense of this luxury.

Water evaporates so keep a cover on your pool, but be prepared to top up the water now and again. Electricity bills may increase as you run filters and pumps and if you don’t have solar, you may need a heat pump which will generate higher bills.

Any pool owner needs to be super vigilant about safety. According to the Royal Life Saving Society 50% of drowning incidents in Australia occur in home pools so ensure you have a gate which is self-closing and self-latching and proper fencing and it is all in good order. Local councils are obliged to carry out safety checks. There is nothing more enticing than spending a lazy day by the pool, and ducking in and out of the water, but be aware that being a pool owner involves time and money. Barrier Reef Pools is the premier swimming pool provider in WA. We’ve received multiple awards for the quality of service we offer and our standard of pools. We also have three showrooms in O’Connor, Joondalup and Mandurah. We should have a pool to suit your needs, so give us a ring and get some expert advice on what’s best for your family.

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