What Can Leaves Do To Your Swimming Pool?

What Can Leaves Do To Your Swimming Pool?

It’s that time of year when fallen leaves and debris can cause havoc to your swimming pool. Winter storms and strong winds are not good for your pool, especially if you’ve decided against installing a cover over the winter months.

So, if you have a swimming pool close to trees, watch out for the dreaded leaves and the damage they may bring. They will affect your water balance, consume your chemicals and stain your pool surfaces, so try to remove them as soon as they arrive.

Clogging And Breaking Equipment

Leaves are a nuisance as they can get into equipment and course problems. The pool filter is one of the most obvious places where clogging can occur, so check it regularly. Take out any leaves you find inside.

Dry leaves tend to float on the water, but if they are left long enough, they will sink to the bottom of the pool. If there’s a large mass of them at the bottom, your filter may not be able to cope, and so your water won’t be filtered regularly.

Algae And Staining

The longer the leaves remain in the pool, the greater the damage they’ll cause. As they begin to decompose, they will break into smaller bits which may be more difficult to clear away.

Leaves can also become a breeding ground for algae, causing your pool to go green. Over a long period of time, algae will increase bacteria levels, making your pool a health hazard.

Using A Leaf Rake

The best way to remove leaves from your swimming pool is by using a leaf rake. A leaf rake has a bag or deep pocket so you can drag it along the bottom of the pool to collect the leaves. You can use it on the surface of the water or further below and is very effective at scooping up unwanted leaves.

The best technique is to feel the base of the pool and gradually sweep it across the swimming pool floor. As you do this, you will create a small current just in front of the net, which will lift the leaves so they can be easily caught. A good leaf rake will have an extended pole.

Be careful not to create too much of a current when you scoop. Try to use smooth, gentle actions. Too much current, and you’ll find your leaves may come out of your bag.

Getting Rid Of Unwated Leaves

When you bring the bag to the surface, do it quickly, so the leaves don’t escape. Have a bucket or plastic container nearby so you can drop your leaves into it before you try to collect more. You can easily dispose of your leaves in your garden waste bin.

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