The 10 Best Lights For Your Home Pool!

Pool lighting isn’t only for making your pool look amazing during evenings and nights. It also provides safety and can go a long way in preventing accidents in and around the swimming pool. That’s why we recommend investing in high-quality pool lighting.

As far as available lighting options go, it can get pretty confusing for buyers to pick one product over another. If you’re someone who has a concrete, vinyl liner, or fibreglass pool and are looking for some guidance, you’re at the right place. In this post, we’ll take you through 10 of the best pool lights that money can buy in 2022.


Our Top Picks For Pool Lights

1. LOFTEK Dimmable Lights

LOFTEK’s Dimmable range consists of 5-watt battery-operated LED floating lights and offers buyers 7 sizes to pick from. The smallest set of lights measures 3 × 3 × 3 inches, while the biggest measures 24 × 24 × 24 inches.

The lights are IP65 rated and you can expect them to keep your pool looking good for a long time to come. They’re dust proof too, which further adds to their durability.

Users can tweak the brightness of the lights through the 5 preset brightness levels. On the light and color front, the lights feature more than 10 static RGB colors. However, these lights only illuminate the surface of the water.


2. Happox In-Ground Lights

The Happox In-Ground pool light is a 50-watt LED light that will deliver brightness at par with 300 – 800 watt incandescent lights. The best thing about this light is that despite its high brightness, it consumes a fraction of the electricity consumed by incandescent lights.

Screwing in this light is also a piece of cake, as it’s compatible with Pentair, Hayward, and other pool housings. However, it isn’t compatible with small SPA fixtures.

You can pick from multiple configurations as well. There are RGB lights, 120-volt colored options, and their 12-volt alternatives. Happox provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee too.


3. Intex Magnetic Lights

Intex’s Magnetic range of pool lights consist of 5-watt LED lights that are arguably the easiest to install due to their magnetic mounting system. These lights work best when paired with above-ground pools and soft-sided PVC pools. The range consists of outside as well as inside pool lights.

The outlet connection cable is 26 feet long, which gives users a lot of freedom, especially if there are no free power outlets near the pool. While the intside lights are available in both colored and white options, the inside lights are exclusively white.

Intex provides a 2-year guarantee as well, and the brand’s customer care services are quite good. The only con of these lights is they’re not waterproof.

4. Life-Bulb LED Lights

Life-Bulb’s 40-watt LED fibreglass pool light is a stunner due to its variety of light and color modes. It offers 9 light shows, 7 fixed colors, and a whopping 16 color modes.

It delivers on the brightness front, but without draining the kind of energy that older incandescent lights do. They’re also compatible with almost all underwater fixtures. Users are offered the flexibility to control the light using either a remote or a switch.

The brand provides a lifetime replacement guarantee on the product as well. However, this light won’t function on 12V systems.

5. LOGUIDE Floating Lights

LOGUIDE offers floating lights in a diverse array of designs and shapes. From a frog to a dragonfly to a butterfly and more – aesthetically speaking, these lights have it all.

The lights have a rugged foam make, which make them very durable. They’re battery-operated and the best bit is that the battery box is waterproof. The batteries are replaceable too, and each battery will power a light up to 100 hours (continuous usage).

There are multiple color options for each particular shape as well. Sadly, these lights won’t really enhance the safety aspect of your pool lighting.

6. iLed Pool Lights

This 36-watt LED light is feature-rich and yet, quite affordable. The illumination is bright, but at the same time, the light is energy-efficient.

The colors (red, blue and green) keep changing, and are great for setting a relaxing pool ambience. There are 7 static color modes as well. If you’ve got kids who love to take dips in the pool, you can keep them entertained with 8 animation modes.

You can either use a remote or a switch to control this light. The only major downside is that the light heats up after extended periods of continuous use.

7. Zuckeo Pool Lights

These warm 5-watt LED spotlights are the perfect landscape lighting solutions. The lights feature aluminum bodies, along with triple water-resistant glass covers. They’re IP65 waterproof rated too.

Users can rotate the lights through the adjustable head. In terms of lifespan, you can expect these lights to give you a whopping 20,000 hours runtime.

The disadvantage of this product is that you’ll have to arrange for a transformer and low-voltage wires for installing the lights.


8. SR Smith Lights

If you’re on the lookout for premium quality lights, look no further than pool lights from SR Smith. Sure, the price tag may be on the steeper side. However, considering the immaculate performance and quality on offer, it’s definitely worth it.

These 5-watt LED lights can last you a whopping 50,000 hours. You can also choose the cord length based on your demands. While a 50-foot cord comes with the product by default, you can customize your order and purchase cords up to 150 feet long.

The lights feature 6 bold colors, and users can enjoy color shows as well. There’s a 3-year warranty too.

9. Moonbrook Submersible Lights

Moonbrook’s 4-watt submersible pool lights are waterproof and their designs are unique. The lights can be controlled through a remote.

The lights are available in 16 color options. There’s a light show color mode along with a static lighting mode. There’s also a memory function that allows users to restore settings from their previous pool visit.

Every light has 10-bulb clusters. Even though their energy rating might seem a bit low (2.4 watts), you’ll get plenty of illumination in an energy-efficient way.

10. Hapikay Floating Lights

These solar-powered LED pool lights are the most energy-efficient options you can choose in 2022. Every pack contains 2 lights, with each light measuring 14 × 14 × 14 inches.

These color changing lights feature pink, lime, blue, green, red, and white. There’s a 25-second gap between every color change. The lights are inflatable and floatable as well.

You can fully charge these lights by exposing them to direct sunlight (up to 8 hours). The brand provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee as well.

With these lighting suggestions, we hope you can illuminate your pool to your liking and enjoy the experience to the fullest.

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