5 Ways to Enhance Your Pool’s Wow Factor!

5 Ways to Enhance Your Pool's Wow Factor

A luxurious fibreglass pool can make a drastic improvement to the appeal and enjoyment of your backyard, but if you want to step it up a notch, it pays to add some extra elements to give it the ultimate wow factor. Not sure where to start? Well, you’ve come to the right place, here are five impressive ideas to transform your pool into a showstopper.

Say no to drab pool fencing

With pool ownership comes the responsibility of keeping it safe and secure to prevent accidental drownings. In most instances, you must have a compliant fool fence in place, and it’s something you are going to have to factor in when designing your swimming pool or spa. The pool fencing you choose can make or break the look of your pool. If you have an outdated fence that is lacking appeal, consider updating it and if you are about to install a swimming pool think carefully about your choices to avoid being disappointed with the finished product. What fencing do we recommend? When it comes to aesthetics, you can’t go past frameless glass fencing. It provides an unimpeded view of your pool and looks modern. It also offers another benefit other than looking good, because there are minimal gaps between the panes of glass, it limits the amount of wind that can reach your pool area, this prevents getting excessively cold when jumping out of the pool and it also reduces evaporation which can save you money. Before dismantling a current pool fence or building a new one, make sure you check with council and obtain the necessary approvals first. Once erected your new pool fence must be compliant.

Say yes to a statement piece

A statement piece is something that stands out in your pool or the area surrounding it. It grabs your attention and leaves a lasting impression. It can be anything that you choose, however, if you are stuck on ideas here are some:


A sculpture

By placing a sculpture in your pool area, you can create a point of interest that can add to the overall appeal. It can be of anything that you like and made from any material. Just make sure it’s big enough to have an effect and ensure it is placed in an obvious spot otherwise it defeats the purpose and it is unlikely to give you the desired statement you were hoping for.

Tanning ledge

Tanning ledges are the hottest trend when it comes to swimming pools right now. They are essentially a designated shallow portion of the pool that is primarily designed for tanning and relaxing. While they do look fantastic, if you want a wow looking pool, you should include some extra elements to take it to the next level. By adding an in-pool lounger to this area and a large tassel umbrella, you can create a home magazine-worthy space that is sure to have your guests’ jaws dropping. If your tanning ledge is large, add two loungers and umbrellas.

Built-in seating area

A built-in seating area is an ideal way to draw you and your family outdoors for some quality time, a bonus is it looks spectacular. It can be built at one end of the pool area or for something extra special, consider a sunken lounge. A sunken lounge provides a sense of privacy and comfort. Throw in ample cushions and this is sure to be a favoured spot to spend time for many years to come.

Splash out on a spa

Anyone that owns a swimming pool will tell you how beneficial they can be for improving your overall lifestyle, but why just have a pool when you can have a spa too? Having a spa provides a secluded piece of paradise for the parents to relax while the kids burn off some energy in the pool. Being submerged in warm water is known to boast an array of health benefits, not only that it also adds a touch of luxury and pizazz to any pool. There are several ways you can install your spa, one of those is with a spillover. The water from the spa spills over into the pool, which doubles as a water feature and creates a stunning effect. Soaking in water whilst getting massaged with spa jets, yes please!

Impress your guests with a water feature

There are so many reasons as to why a water feature is a good idea. The sound of running water is known to have therapeutic effects and can help to destress and unwind. When it comes to creating the wow factor with a water feature, your options are endless. Here are some sought-after ideas:

Rainfall curtain

If you’ve never heard of a rainfall curtain before, it’s essentially a long bar that has numerous holes running across it. When it is switched on the water falls out of the holes. They are generally placed up high on the edge of an outdoor entertaining area ceiling that’s positioned over the pool, or you can make a structure that the water feature can be secured on to. The result is a curtain of rain that not only sounds heavenly but looks incredible too.

Water Wall

Water walls are the most popular water features found in Aussie pools and the great thing about them is they can be as basic or elaborate as you want them. The more detailed and elaborate your water wall is, the bigger impact it is going to make. For it to be a water wall, it needs a wall, the rest is completely up to you.

Rock Waterfall

If you want the wow factor when installing a rock waterfall, larger is generally better. Think sizeable boulder-like mounds that have water cascading down them. By creating a cave-like structure over the pool with the water tumbling down over the entrance can create a private swimming spot and a fun play area for the kids. If you have spa jets at this end of the pool, this can make for a unique spa that is like no other.

Invest in smart technology

Smart technology enables pool owners to control all aspects of their swimming pool from the convenience of their smart device rather than manually having to do it. Think, controlling your lighting, heating, running your pump and cleaning your pool – everything! It’s the way of the future for pools, and before long, all new swimming pools will have it integrated in some way or another. You can choose to have a fully smart run pool, or you can convert one component at a time if that is more within your budget.

Some of these options, while expensive, can add greatly to the overall enjoyability of your pool and can drastically enhance its appearance to create the wow factor. Not only that, but these impressive additions can also add significant value to your home. If you’d like any more information on ways you can improve the aesthetics of your swimming pool, get in contact with our highly skilled team here at Barrier Reef Pools Perth, we create enviable swimming pools every day and would love to help.

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