5 Ways To Winter-Proof Your Pool!

5 Ways To Winter-Proof Your Pool!

Let’s face it: Winter is definitely not the ideal time for a swim in your pool. While the thought of dipping your toes into that cold water might send a chill up your spine, it’s important to remember that Winter doesn’t have to be the end of your pool party. In fact, there are a multitude of different, easy-to-employ ways of making the most of your pool during Winter. Besides, the last thing you want to be doing is only using your pool for half the year, when you paid full price for it! Read on to learn how you can still use your pool during the colder months.


1# Use A Heater To Beat The Chill

The best way to make your fibreglass pool winter-friendly is simple: install a heater! Fibreglass pools are unique in that they retain heat far better and more efficiently than concrete pools. So why not take advantage of this fact? A heated swim will be far more endurable than a cold plunge; meaning you won’t have to skip out on your daily laps.

Additionally, heaters can provide a therapeutic release as well: warm water is far better at relaxing the tired muscles in your body than cold water. In fact, you could be just as relaxed as you would be in a spa!

If you’re worried about heating costs going through the roof, then don’t be! As we mentioned, fibreglass pools retain heat for longer and heat up faster than concrete pools. This means you won’t have to heat your pool as much as normal. A good way to save on costs in the long run is to also use a pool cover in combination with your heater. Pool covers will help your pool retain even more heat!

2# Consider Installing Your Pool Indoors

For the ultimate, year-round usage, Barrier Reef Pools Perth recommends our indoor pool options. Indoors is typically warmer than outside and far easier to heat your pool because of the lack of weather elements.  If you’re after a small pool or lap pool, then an indoor option is something you should strongly consider. The best part is that you can use your indoor pool regardless of the weather! (Plus, there is far less cleaning involved – no having to worry about skim cleaning those nasty leaves!)

Sunlight is a great natural heater for your pool, but once the sun goes down it becomes ineffective. Indoor pools, meanwhile, stay warmer at all times!

3# You Can’t Go Wrong With A Spa

If you’re serious about swimming during winter (actually, scratch that: if you’re serious about relaxing during winter) then you should consider installing a spa with your fibreglass pool. Spas are the original way to beat the winter chills.

Plenty of our award-winning pools come with the option of installing a spa with them, and we also offer solo spa installation. A spa is a great way to unwind and relax, whilst still keeping warm, no matter what time you swim. 

In fact, regular swimming in a spa can offer a whole host of health benefits. These include: 

  • Relax your muscles. Spas are also great for easing joint pain and soothing tired muscles.
  • Great to warm your body after partaking in that winter morning plunge!
  • Decreased stress, as the warm water soothes your body. This is especially so when the outside air is brisk and cold.
  • Improve your sleeping schedule. A heated swim a few hours before bedtime has been shown to relax the body and mind, allowing for a deeper and uninterrupted sleep.

4# Make Your Poolside Area Just That Little Bit Warmer

If you spend a lot of time around your pool, either before or after a swim, then we’d recommend you jazz that area up a bit. This can be done with items such as cosy blankets, a fireplace or even an external heater. These applications won’t heat your pool water directly, but they will serve to make your pool area warmer overall. There’s nothing worse than having to make that freezing cold run from the pool to the indoor shower. A hot chocolate in this situation could make all the difference between catching a cold or not. 

Warming up your poolside area also allows you a great deal of creative design opportunity. The space can be about more than just the pool; you could make it your BBQ area, family area or your own personal slice of paradise!

…A cold plunge can off numerous health benefits such as healthier skin, increased metabolism and a boosted immune system…

5# If You’re Really Brave: Consider A Cold Plunge!

Okay, so we completely understand that even just reading that title sent a chill up your spine. But hear us out: taking even just a quick plunge in your cold pool can provide a wide swathe of health benefits. Did you know that the ancient Greek philosophers would regularly dip themselves into ice baths? There’s a reason it’s popular – you just have to get used to it! Even just plunging yourself in your pool during winter for a few moments can:

    • Provide extreme exhilaration. While bracing, this method of starting your day can leave you feeling far more energetic and help you avoid lethargic feelings after waking up.. 
    • Healthy skin. Hot water tends to dry your skin out, whereas cold water refreshes and rejuvenates your skin.
    • Heightened metabolism. A cold plunge will give your body’s blood circulation a significant boost, especially to the heart and brain.
    • Decrease in stress. Plunging into cold water kicks your body into overdrive, mimicking the feeling of working out by releasing endorphins. Additionally, your metabolism is kicked up a notch and this can help you burn fat.
    • Boosted immune system. The cold shock you receive upon submerging yourself in icy cold water will shock your immune system awake, increasing your resistance to getting colds (ironically.)

Winter means cold pool water, and that usually means less swimming. But here at Barrier Reef Pools Perth, we don’t believe that has to be the case. If you want to make the most of your pool year-round – even during winter – then you can! Heaters are a great way to keep yourself warm during the chilly months, and all of our award-winning pools can come fitted with state-of-the-art heating systems. So, what are you waiting for? Get into contact with our professional and friendly team today!

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