The Amazing Benefits Of A Lap Pool

The Amazing Health Benefits Of A Lap Pool

It’s common knowledge that Australians love swimming; and we’re pretty good at it too! This might explain why 81%* of Aussies live near the water. But it might also explain the large migration from land-based exercise to the aquatic world. But swimming can mean more to you and your family than just a popular pastime. Swimming has long been rated by medical professionals as one of the healthiest and safest ways to exercise. This is true for all ages, too. 

Enter: lap pools. Barrier Reef Pools Perth have designed award-winning lap pools that will help facilitate that great cardiovascular workout, whilst also improving your flexibility and even lowering your blood pressure! We don’t have to tell you that regular swimming is a guaranteed way to raise your mood as well. Better yet, because of their slim design, Barrier Reef Pools Perth’s lap pools can fit into almost any Australian home!

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First Things First: Safety

Now hold onto your floaties and pool weights for just a moment! We here at Barrier Reef Pools Perth are so glad you’re interested in starting a healthy lifestyle with your lap pool. But as with all the important things in life, safety comes first. Especially when the main purpose of your lap pool is to stay healthy.

Firstly, you’ll want to gauge your level of fitness. We recommend you book a check-up with your local GP for this, but you can also do it yourself if need be. Is this your first time swimming laps or have you done so before? Knowing your limits, and your goals, is critical not only to your safety, but also to maximising the efficiency of your water-based workout.

Next, static stretching on land before and after you swim laps is particularly important for staying limber. It is also a great way to avoid injuries such as pulling a muscle or cramps.

If this is your first time swimming laps, or perhaps it’s just been a while, then you may find it takes a while to adjust yourself to the water resistance. A reliable way to do this is to submerge yourself up to your shoulders and walk slowly through the water. This action will engage your core and warm up your muscles to the water resistance of your pool.

Lastly, the most sure-fire way to remain safe when you swim laps is to keep a friend or family member nearby. Having someone watch over you or even swim with you will not only make the experience of swimming more enjoyable, but ensures your safety in the worst case scenario. (Let’s face it, we’ve all experienced a foot cramp at the most inopportune time!)

Lap Pools are a great way to encourage a healthy lifestyle. They are typically long with a slim width to facilitate multiple laps.

Increase Your Fitness With These Lap Pool Benefits:

Now that we’ve got the compulsory safety regulations out of the way, it’s time to learn exactly how lap pools can encourage a healthy lifestyle for you and your family! The benefits are as varied as they are healthy, but we’ve shortened the list down to the most relevant. Increase your fitness and enjoy the health benefits of lap pool swimming such as:

    • Swimming is a great cardiovascular workout. It can also lower your blood pressure.
    • Swimming laps is not only extremely healthy, but it is also accessible for all ages. The natural buoyancy of water makes it safe for the elderly, those with frail bones and has significantly lower risk of injury than land-based exercises. If you happen to own a mineral pool, the water can even soothe joint-pain!
    • Lap swimming is aerobic. This means when you swim you are engaging all of your body’s muscles: using your core to keep you afloat, your arms to pull your torso through the water, hamstrings to propel your forward, etc. This translates to tons of calories being burned and a whole-body-toning.
    • As mentioned before, swimming stretches all of your muscles, from your back to your feet. It even improves your blood circulation and strengthens your lungs!
    • No sweating. If perspiration typically puts you off exercising, then you can rest assured you’ll be as clean and fresh after the workout as you were before.

Exercise in general is a great mood lifter, and swimming even more so. You are outside, staying cool and afterwards you can relax in the shallow end. Swimming even helps you get better sleep!

Exercises To Try When You Swim Laps:

  1. Breaststroke – the easiest and most beginner-friendly stroke to use in your lap pool. It’s great for burning calories and some professional swimmers use it to warm up. You should use this stroke if you’re relatively new to swimming.
  2. Freestyle – This is the go-to classic stroke for lap pools. You will engage your core, arms, legs, shoulders and back to pull yourself through the water. By using your whole body, it is an extremely healthy way to exercise.
  3. Backstroke – The backstroke may be harder to pick up, but it’s a great workout for your upper body and shoulders. Consider doing a few laps of this stroke to mix up your routine.
  4. Butterfly – This is an advanced stroke and may require some hours of practice to properly tame. However, the butterfly stroke provides the best cardiovascular workout and particularly engages your back muscles.

If swimming strokes aren’t what you’re looking for in an aquatic workout, then a great alternative is foam weights. These weights grow heavier as they are submerged in your pool and provide plenty of resistance when you lift them. Exercises that use foam weights include:

  1. Jumping jacks 
  2. Water arm lifts 
  3. Leg kicks
  4. Leg shoots

…Regular lap swimming = great cardiovascular exercise + lowered blood pressure for all ages…

Essential Tips To Remember To Maximise Your Lap Pool Workout:

Remember to:

  • Start small and try for a few laps initially. 
  • Find a stroke that you enjoy or an exercise with foam/body weights. Remember, you don’t want to strain your body too hard at first.
  • Stretch on land before and after you attempt swimming laps
  • Always set yourself goals that you can work towards each and every week.
  • Make sure to have fun! By enjoying the workout, you will ensure consistency and thus a healthier lifestyle than if you forced yourself.

Don’t forget to:

  • Stay hydrated during and after your workout. Just because you don’t feel the sweat doesn’t mean you’re not losing water.
  • Apply sunscreen, especially if your pool is located in an exposed area. (Perth, we’re looking at you!)
  • Consult with a GP before you try any new rigorous exercise routine.
  • Ask a friend to watch over you while you swim. If you feel faint, weak or nauseous, then stop swimming immediately. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading the amazing benefits that lap pools can bring you! Here at Barrier Reef Pools Perth, our own award-winning lap pools are quick and easy to install, flexible enough to fit most any Aussie home and simply look great! If you’re serious about starting a healthier lifestyle, then come and check out our lap pool range today! You could have one installed in your home in as little as 7 days!

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