Helpful Information When Choosing A Slimline Pool

Don’t have a lot of space to spare, but would love to have a pool around to frolic in? Don’t worry, with slimline pools, you can easily treat yourself to a luxurious swimming pool experience without having to worry about space constraints.
This article tells you all you need to know to make your slimline swimming pool purchase decision easier. After all, a swimming pool is no small investment. You will be shelling out a considerable amount of money to construct your slimline swimming pool. Naturally, it is best to equip yourself with as much knowledge as possible about them.


What Are Slimline Pools?

Slimline pools are swimming pools designed keeping modern housing situations in mind. These pools are space efficient and help you enjoy a relaxing swim experience while conserving space in your living situation. Contemporary houses rarely provide for spacious yard space. The space paucity is even more distinct when it comes to city housing. Does that mean you give up on your swimming pool dream? Not necessarily. You can easily have a slimline pool installed and provide yourself with the same benefits you would advantage from, had you spent a higher sum of money on a full-sized pool.

What Is The General Size Of Slimline Pools?

Slimline pools are usually sized smaller than family pools but bigger than plunge/lap pools. True to their name, slimline pools are long in length and short in width. When you decide to have a slimline pool installed at your house, you are free to take your pick from a range of varying sizes. The approximate basic measurements for a slimline pool begin at 4.2 metres width and 10.5 metres length. These pools are rectangular shaped and of a narrow nature. If you search well, you might be able to find even smaller slimline pools. Slimline pools usually provide for wide safety ledges for added security and comfort. Don’t want to enter the pool but want to accompany your friends while they are out taking a lap in your new pool? Whip yourself a cocktail and sit down as you watch your friends have a whale of a time from this safety ledge.


What Features Do You Get In Slimline Pools?

Slimline pools offer customers with several smart safety and comfort features. As already discussed, they offer a wide bench seat for those who’d like to luxuriate outside but around their swimming pool. Other features worth discussing are –

Slimline pools offer customers with several smart safety and comfort features. As already discussed, they offer a wide bench seat for those who’d like to luxuriate outside but around their swimming pool. Other features worth discussing are –

  • Step Ledge Facility – Slimline pools tend to come with a step ledge added to their design. A step ledge around these pools gives children space to rest and also double up as a safety benefit.
  • Slip Resistance – You can enjoy slip resistant steps and flooring when you choose to buy a slimline pool.
  • Shallow to Deep Design – You and your kids can enjoy a place to simply stand in the pool if you don’t feel up to conquering the depth of your slimline pool just yet.
  • Wide Swimouts and Pool Steps – Slimline pools offer customers wide swimouts and steps on either end to convenience entry and exit to-fro the pool.
  • Color Customizability – You are provided with the option to choose a color for your slimline pool. The color of your pool can be an essential consideration when picking out features for your slimline pool. Afterall, the color of the pool will determine the color reflected in the water. While any color reflected will fall in a spectrum, the lighter the pool’s color, the lighter the probability of the water’s color.
  • Self-cleaning – Slimline pools are equipped with self-cleaning facility. Hate cleaning out your pool routinely? With slimline pools, you won’t have to. Slimline pools are designed with a self-cleaning system that saves you from dragging yourself to regular pool cleaning. You can rest assured of a clean and hygienic pool despite cleaning your swimming pool less often now.
  • Heating – Fond of late-night swims and all-weather swimming? When you opt for slimline pools, you can have your swimming pool heated economically and enjoy your swimming pool facilities all year round. Imagine taking a swim in an evenly-heated swimming pool in peak winter? Relaxing, indeed!
  • Spa Design – Slimline pools offer customers the ability to have theirs designed after a spa. So, you can choose to add in a water overflow or enhance the aesthetic appeal of your slimline pool with an artificial stream. Your houseguests are sure to be impressed with your slimline pool with spa design.
  • Spa Jets – You can have your slimline pool customized with spa jets. Spa jets are not only helpful in providing relaxation for and soothing weary muscles, they can also be used as resistance when you are swim training.
  • Mood Lighting – You can use mood lighting to improve the holistic look of your slimline swimming pool. Of course, adding lights to your slimline pool also makes for a wise decision if you are planning to make a habit of late night dips in your slimline pool.

The features listed above, include amenities which can be accessed, both as basic facility and on option.


How Long Will It Take to Install a Slimline Pool?

Installing a slimline pool is a quick and easy process that can be completed within days if construction conditions permit. The steps involved in having a slimline pool constructed are –

  • Requesting for a Free Quote – You have to get in touch with a slimline swimming pool supplier and then request them to visit your property, to receive a quote on your slimline pool construction.
  • Approval of Quote – In this step, after you’ve picked out your slimline pool design and the slimline pool dealer has surveyed your property for construction compatibility – they will proceed to gathering all legal permissions necessary to begin with your slimline pool construction.
  • Pool Construction – Excavation and construction work for your slimline pool begins after all legal permits have been arranged for.

Voila! Three easy steps, and your brand new slimline pool is ready for use! You can now swim laps, relax or just unwind in your pool with friends and family.

A slimline pool offers you wholesome possibilities for a cheap price

How Much Do Slimline Pools Cost?

Many swimming pool customers shy off from making a slimline pool purchase as they mistakenly believe that it is expensive. On the contrary, slimline pools are actually quite affordable. They offer affordable heating facility and a range of other amenities at a cost-effective pricing, that put regular-sized pools to shame. The number of feature add-ons you make to your slimline pool affect its overall cost. Suppose your chosen pool area meets pool installation conditions without posing a problem for your slimline pool construction. In that case, you can expect to pay a modest price for installing your slimline swimming pool. You can contact a local pool construction worker or a slimline pool dealership to ask for a quotation on your slimline pool construction project.

We Wish You All The Luck!

You have made a wise decision by choosing to install a slimline pool. You get to enjoy all the advantages of a family pool, at a lesser price and for a smaller area! Organize a pool-side barbecue for your friends or ready a pool-side date for your partner; a slimline pool offers you wholesome possibilities for a cheaper price. You will never fall short of space in a slimline pool, no matter whether you are swimming laps or entertaining a pool party. So rid yourself of any doubts holding you back, and pick out your preferred slimline pool to have constructed for your home today!

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