5 Ways A Mineral Pool Improves Your Health

5 Ways A Mineral Pool Improves Your Health

Mineral pools took the pool world by storm when they were first introduced. But the fact that they have not only remained an Australian classic over the years, but also become one of the most popular pool choices worldwide is a testament to their wide range of health benefits. Benefits such as muscle relaxants, eco-friendly and even soothing certain skin conditions; it’s clear to see why mineral pools were used throughout history and also why modern day tourists fly to the corners of the world for mineral pool spas.

But the biggest benefit of mineral pools is that they can bring their own benefits to your backyard or home; whether you have a pool or not. Read on to learn exactly how a mineral pool can improve your health.

How You Can Define A Mineral Pool?

The main differences that define a mineral pool are it’s water system and it’s cleaning process. Traditional pools rely mainly on chlorine to clean their water; this chemical can lead to irritation on the skin and eyes, and even discolouration on certain clothes if your chemical balance is off. 

In a mineral pool, however, certain minerals are imbued into the cleaning process instead of chlorine (although it is important to note that chlorine is still used in mineral pools, to prevent algae blooms, just to a lesser degree.) The mineral water system, in combination with the mixture of minerals and chlorine, scrub your pool clean and get rid of any calcium or dirt build-up.

For the best result, both the mineral mixture and the mineral water system should be installed and recommended by a professional pool installer.

Common Minerals That Are Used:

Different minerals offer different benefits when used in the process of cleaning your pool. However, it is important to keep track of what is considered healthy for your pool. The primary range of minerals used by most pools are:

  • Borates
  • Potassium chloride
  • Magnesium chloride 
  • Sodium chloride

Benefit 1: Improve Your Sleep Schedule And Relieve Stress

Certain minerals, such as magnesium chloride, will react with your pool to give your water that soft, silky feel that you hear so much about. While this provides for a pleasant swimming experience, it also has a particular therapeutic release. Namely, the softness of the water will relax your muscles and help your body to relieve stress after just a short dip. Additionally, the softness of the water that stems from the minerals has been proven to aid the blood circulation in your body to your heart, brain and muscles – leaving you more relaxed and ready for a good night of rest.

Benefit 2: No More Irritation For Your Eyes Or Skin

Because mineral pools will use a combination of minerals and chloride, instead of solely relying on the latter, the water of your pool will be at far less risk of a chemical imbalance. Chloride imbalance can cause irritation on the skin and the eyes of a swimmer, but with a mineral pool you will not be at risk of this. Moreover, the minerals listed above have been proven to therapeutically relevant eczema and other skin conditions.

Benefit 3: It’s As Easy As Saying “Yes!” To Install

For all these benefits you would think mineral pools would at least be hard to install; but they’re not! A mineral pool can be requested as simply as you would a traditional pool and professional pool installers, such as Barrier Reef Pools Perth, will ship it to you no hassle. But what if you have your own pool already installed? Can you transform it into a mineral pool? Yep! All it takes is getting into contact with one of our Barrier Reef Pools Perth display centres and a mineral pool water system can be installed in your pool quickly and hassle-free.

Benefit 4: Positively Improves Your Skin

The soft, silky smooth feeling of the water is a hallmark of all mineral pools. But this extra smooth water is also popular for another reason: it is healthy for your skin and can leave it feeling smoother, and more rejuvenated.

This is because your skin actively absorbs the minerals in your pool water, such as magnesium, which can improve your bone density and strengthen hair follicles. The absence of chloride will also lead to less skin irritation when there is a chemical imbalance and the replacement of chloride with minerals can even lead to less aging on your skin. The presence of minerals will also inject moisture into your skin, making it feel younger and healthier, as opposed to stripping it like saltwater does.

Benefit 5: More Than Just Eco Friendly

As we mentioned earlier, a mineral pool will use significantly less chloride on a day-to-day basis and in it’s cleaning process. This means there will be less chance of discolouration on your clothes and less chance overall of skin irritation caused by chemical imbalance. Additionally, compared to saltwater pools, there is very little chance of damaging any of your poolside area, including furniture or plants, after prolonged exposure. 

Speaking of exposure, the minerals used to clean mineral pools are far less abrasive than chloride, and this will lead to far less breakages and damage to your pool cleaners and appliances; meaning you save more money over the long term.

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