Ultimate Plunge 4.7m x 3.5m Ocean Shimmer Mosman Park

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4.7m Ultimate Plunge Pool

It wasn’t exactly an Unidentified Flying Objects the shape gave it away. But for some Mosman Park residents it was a morning like few others as the new swimming pool for this modern home floated across two gardens before landing where it should in the back garden of Michael and Jan Fry.

It was the only way to get it in said Mr Fry. But the potentially tricky manoeuvre was carried out perfectly and before too long the family (the pair have three children) had their pool. Barrier Reef Pools was charged with transforming the backyard of this three-year-old home and the family is delighted with the result. Mr Fry said they did not want a big pool and Barrier Reef was the only company which could supply one that was 3.5m x 3m. The fibreglass pool has a concrete band around it for extra strength and is big enough for what they want. A main worry was that limestone would make the job more difficult but they were lucky and had only to shift a soak well.

At the head of the pool, Barrier Reef installed a Fremantle stone wall with a water blade and limestone was used as the surround. An insert of fixed pebbles breaks up the limestone and to one side there is a row of limestone pavers sitting on a bed of pink river stones.

The same effect is used at the front of the cabana the couple put in.

With its Jarrah decking and thatched roof, it is a welcoming shade from the sun.

So what had been an ordinary backyard of grass and 2m-wide planters all around is now a modern area which can stand on its own but merges beautifully with the already-existing alfresco area.

“We can`t praise Barrier Reef Pools enough” said the couple Which sounds like an advertising jingle but was unsolicited.

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