Prepare Your Pool: Pool Maintenance Tips

Prepare Your Pool Maintenance Tips

A pool is an investment that requires constant maintenance. A balanced maintenance routine should be upheld every month of the year. Read all our tips today!

With summer drawing to a close, it won’t be long until the cold weather sets in and your pool starts to see less use. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to let their pool maintenance regime slip a little during winter, which can cause a lot of stress when it’s time to start using your pool again in spring and summer. To ensure your pool is cared for all year-round, all you need to do is follow these simple, easy-to-follow steps.

Invest In A Good Quality Pool Cover

Keeping your pool covered when it’s not in use will ensure the quality of the pool water is maintained and no loose debris falls into the water. A good quality pool cover will help prevent water evaporation and reduce the need for excessive chemicals.

By reducing the amount of water lost through evaporation, water top-up levels can be cut back by as much as 50%. Less debris and contamination from environmental influences can also reduce your sanitation needs significantly.

A solar power cover will come with an extra host of benefits, the biggest being that it will naturally heat your pool water, lowering energy consumption and extending the swim season. This means you can comfortably swim in your pool during the cooler months.

Check Your Chemicals

The type and amount of chemicals your pool requires will likely change over its lifespan. This is why it’s essential that you regularly get your pool water analysed to determine the correct pH levels for your specific needs.

As a rough guide, a pool will require a shock dose of approximately 500gms of a product called Aqua Boost. This quantity should be paired with every 25,000 litres of water used, and should be repeated once a month, especially if you’re swimming in your pool year-round.

Another useful product is Filtrite Algynone, with one litre per every 50,000 litres being used every three months. This along with Filtrite Phosphate Eliminator at a dosage rate that is specific to your pool should be added to keep the water safe for swimming.

If your pool is not in use over winter, make sure the sanitiser in your pool is maintained at a level of roughly 1-2ppm. Regardless of whether a pool is in use or not, the pool filter should be ran for two hours each day.

Safely Store Your Accessories

A pool storage box is a smart investment year-round, but will be particularly handy during winter. Having a safe place to store your accessories and equipment will prevent any damage caused by the elements, while also ensuring your pool area is kept tidy.

Keep Up Your Pool Maintenance

A pool is an investment that requires constant maintenance. As such, you can’t stop caring for your pool just because you’re not swimming in it everyday. A balanced maintenance routine should be upheld every month of the year. This may seem like a timely endeavour, however, a little work in the short term will see you reaping rewards in the long-term.

To keep your swimming pool in prime condition even in Perth’s fluctuating weather conditions, contact the team at Barrier Reef Pools Perth to discover the best maintenance routine for your pool. Whether your swimming pool is in Perth, Joondalup, Mandurah or beyond, your pool will be in good hands.

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