How To Prevent Water Evaporation From Your Pool

Water loss is one of the greatest things that pool owners fear. Most of the water lost from a pool is through evaporation which is a natural process.

When your levels are low, you need to top up your pool with more water. Evaporation will also take away some of the heat and chemicals – so evaporation can be costly!


What Is Water Evaporation?

To explain it simply, water evaporation is the process whereby liquid water becomes a gas and dissipates as the temperature increases. You can witness it when you boil a saucepan and it boils dry as the liquid becomes a gas and disappears into the atmosphere.

The bigger the surface area of the pool the greater evaporation. Every summer you could lose as much as around 25% of your entire pool water, so follow our tips to reduce your water bill and keep your water in the pool.

Create More Wind Breaks

Do you know that the wind increases evaporation? In WA, the so-called Fremantle Doctor brings plenty of breeze in the afternoon. If you plant hedges and shrubs around your swimming pool, it will reduce the amount of air movement which cuts across your pool. If you’d rather not have greenery, you can consider hedges and shrubs instead.

Reduce Your Water Temperature

Cooler water evaporates slower than warm water, so it makes sense to drop the temperature of the water in your pool. It’s all down to the movement of molecules which move faster in the heat. When that happens the water turns into mist and evaporates quicker.

It’s always worse when the temperature of the pool water is higher than the air temperature.

At night time you can see this for yourself. Turn on the pool lights and there’ll be a thin air of mist hovering above the pool surface, it’s like a layer of steam just above the water.

Turn Your Water Features Off – Now And Again

As lovely and enticing as they are, jets, waterfalls and fountains also contribute to water evaporation because aerated water evaporates faster. In the summer months, consider turning them off, especially during the heat of the day.

Features that spray fine water into the air also contribute to evaporation as the small droplets evaporate quicker than a larger mass of water.

Use Your Pool Cover Every Night

A pool cover is probably the best solution to reduce evaporation. Research shows that they can minimise water evaporation by between 70 and 90%. Covers can be tailor made to suit the size of your pool. One of the most popular is a bubble or solar cover which traps in the heat. The covers will conserve water and reduce chemical consumption while also keeping unwanted debris out of the pool.

We’re always being reminded about the need to conserve water in WA, so be pro-active to prevent water evaporation. For all your pool requirements and for advice on ensuring your pool doesn’t evaporate quickly, contact Barrier Reef Pools Perth. We can provide an affordable service from quote to installation, landscaping and beyond. Why not call into one of our display centres to find out more?

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