Do I Really Need A Pool Cover?

Do you have a swimming pool and are you concerned about pool safety? If so, then you should consider getting a pool cover. There are different ways of keeping a pool safe. A pool cover is one of the best solutions for pool safety. While fencing is a good way to ensure pool safety, a pool cover offers many other advantages. There are many types of pool covers, and they have different benefits. Knowing about these benefits and understanding the different types of pool covers is important. This will help you decide if you really need a pool cover.


What Is A Pool Cover?

A pool cover is a barrier that covers your swimming pool. It offers protection for your pool from dirt, dust, leaves, and other objects. It also acts as a barrier preventing access to the swimming pool. A cover that is made from a strong material also provides safety, ensuring children and pets do not enter the pool.

Benefits Of A Pool Cover

Getting a cover for your pool is beneficial since it offers many advantages. The various benefits of a pool cover are listed below:

1. It Ensure Pool Safety

When you install a pool cover made from a strong material, it acts as a barrier preventing anyone from entering the pool. This ensures pool safety. You need not be worried about children entering the pool and suffering an accident by mistake. If you have pets in your home, there is the risk of your pet falling in the pool. A pool cover can prevent this problem. You must note that a tarpaulin cover will not ensure pool safety. You need a pool cover that is solid or has a mesh.

2. It Helps To Keep Your Pool Clean

A pool cover can help keep your pool clean. With a cover on, your pool will be free from leaves, dirt, bird droppings, and other debris that can make your pool dirty. This keeps the pool clean when not used. It also saves you time and effort spent on cleaning the pool. With a cover on, the time spent on cleaning the pool is less.


3. The Need For Using Chemicals Is Reduced

Chemicals are needed for your swimming pool to clean your pool from impurities. It helps to adjust the pH value of the water. The more chemicals you add, the more is the problem for pool users. Chemicals can cause allergies causing itching and redness. It can also affect your eyes. With a pool cover on, the need for chemicals is lesser. This allows you to add lesser chemicals, thus making it easy for people with allergies to use the pool.

4. It Prevents Loss Of Water By Evaporation

Water loss from the pool due to evaporation is a common phenomenon. This increases during the summer. As a result, you need to add more water to your pool frequently. Keeping your pool covered prevents water loss. This is a good way to avoid water wastage.

5. It Helps You Save Heating Costs

You need to heat your pool if you want to use it in winter or on cold nights. Even during summer, pool water that is hot during the day can become cold by night. Using a pool cover can be helpful. It helps in retaining the heat in the pool. This allows you to use the pool at night. A solar cover can even actively heat your pool. It can thus help you save on heating costs, which is generally expensive.

A solar cover can even actively heat your pool, helping you save on heating costs

6. Using The Pool Cover Is Easy

Using a pool cover is simple. It doesn’t require too much effort. If you have a manual cover, a little effort is needed. With an automated cover, you need not put any effort. The time spent on covering the pool and removing the cover can be saved by using an automated cover.

Getting A Pool Cover

Before you decide on installing a pool cover, you need to understand the different types of pool covers available.

  • Manual cover: This cover needs to be pulled over the pool manually by hand. It may be made of vinyl, polyethylene, or even tarpaulin.
  • Automatic cover: This cover can be handled automatically by pressing a button. A motor is used to roll the cover over the pool and unroll it. It would be expensive.
  • Safety cover: This cover is meant to be used for safety purposes. It is solid and ensures no one can enter the pool. It may also be made of a mesh type of material to prevent anyone from entering the pool or falling in accidentally.
  • Thermal cover: This cover is meant to retain heat in the pool. The cover helps in ensuring that heat doesn’t escape the pool, preventing heat loss.
  • Solar cover: This cover is referred to as a bubble blanket. It uses heat from the sun to heat the pool. This is a good way to save on heating costs.
  • Winter cover: In the winter, you may not use your pool. In such a situation, you can use a winter cover to keep the pool completely shut down until the winter is over.

Do You Need A Pool Cover

Having understood all about pool covers, their benefits, and types, it’s now decision time. Do you really need a pool cover? The answer is yes! Pool covers offer many benefits. They keep your pool clean and can also ensure pool safety. These two reasons are sufficient to get a good pool cover. Apart from these benefits, there are many other reasons to get a pool cover that was discussed in this article.

If you want to save time, effort, and money, then you can get a pool cover. You can save the time and effort spent in pool cleaning and maintenance. You can also save money spent on heating the pool. All these reasons are why you should get a pool cover. You can contact a pool contractor to get more details about the best cover option for your pool.

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