Five Tips To Make Your Pool Energy Efficient

Five Tips To Make Your Pool Energy Efficient

A swimming pool can provide endless entertainment and doesn’t necessarily have to be a drain on your pocket. Achieving an energy efficient pool is easy.

The team at Barrier Reef Pools has come up with some great power-saving tips so you can spend your savings on pool party entertainment instead.


Evaporation of water from swimming pools is a big problem in hot countries. Estimates suggest that up to 25% of pool water may be lost over a six-month period over the summer months. Wind often accelerates the problem, and Perth in Western Australia is the third windiest city in the world.

There are mandatory requirements by most local councils to install pool fencing in Australia for safety reasons. A good windbreak – a comprehensive glass screen fence, goes a long way to protect your pool from the elements.

Keep Up With The Maintenance

We regularly service our cars, our air conditioning systems and our fire alarms but do we ever think to carry out regular maintenance checks on the pool? If your filter system, chlorinator or pool pump are not doing their job correctly, then the pool’s condition will deteriorate. Check your vacuum is in good working order, its purpose is to suck up the debris on the bottom of the pool and capture any algae spores before they cause damage.

Pool Pump Selection

Pool pump selection can be daunting and a little confusing. Too often than not, people choose pumps which are way too big for their pool size, which means they’re not energy efficient and water is not properly circulating. Choosing the correct sized pump will drastically reduce your power consumption by as much as 65%. If in doubt speak to one of our team who can advise you on the best one for your swimming pool.

Position Your Pool In The Right Place

It may seem obvious, but the positioning of your pool can make or break its energy efficiency. Here in Australia, keep your pool away from shadows, ideally it should be north facing in an area that gets plenty of sun. The sun’s rays will naturally warm your pool by up to 4 degrees Celsius. Of course, solar panels will maximise your energy efficiency, with the system and installation paying for itself in two to three years. Solar systems can be hooked up easily to a pre-existing pool pump.

Pool Cover

Last but not least, but arguably the most critical thing to remembering when considering pool energy efficiency is to buy a quality cover. Similar to a good screen, it will prevent evaporation. It’s also a barrier to prevent leaves and other debris getting into your water. A good cover will trap the heat keeping your pool warmer.

At Barrier Reef Pools we can advise you on the best pool for your budget. We sell an extensive range of pools which come in different sizes to suit your requirements and with three showrooms in Perth you can see exactly what you’re buying. Give us a call today as we jump into the spring season.

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