What Is Pool Coping And Why Do You Need It?

What Is Pool Coping And Why Do You Need It?

Never underestimate the importance of pool coping. It may sound a bit technical but pool coping is the capping or edging to protect the structure of your swimming pool.

The next time you see someone in a pool hanging onto the top, they’ll be grabbing onto the coping. If they’re sitting at the edge, with their feet dangling in the water, they’ll be sitting on it.

In architectural terms, coping is the term used for capping or covering the top of a wall to make it more attractive. It’s used in a similar way to cap the edge of an in-ground pool.


Why Have Pool Coping?

This pool coping separates the swimming pool shell from the surrounding surface area and covers the upper surface of the pool wall giving it a seamless finish. It defines the edge of your pool and is often integrated with your decking or patio area.
It exists for many reasons including:

  1. Preventing water from getting behind the shell so it doesn’t rot or become damaged.
  2. It allows swimmers to get in and out of the pool at ease.
  3. Prevents any debris from getting stuck around the pool and into the water.
  4. Gives the pool a nice aesthetic finish and makes it more inviting for swimmers.

What Is Pool Coping Necessary?

Concrete, pavers, composite materials, and natural stone are the preferred choices for coping to finish and protect your pool. Granite is another popular option and is perfect for the harsh Australian climate. Poured concrete offers clean lines and can make a pool look bigger.
The coping is installed by the contractors who install the fibreglass pool.

What Is A Bond Beam?

The bond beam is one of the least well-known parts of your pool but is just as important as coping because it is a strengthened beam, the stable surface the coping sits on. The bond beam is at the very top, the horizontal section which covers the perimeter of the pool. It’s a thick course of concrete reinforced with steel rebar – at least 30cm in diameter. It provides extra support and protection for the pool, while at the same time allowing the pool to adjoin the surrounding patio.

Pool coping can be made from concrete, pavers, granite and even sandstone like this one!

What Is The Barrier Reef Pools Perth Difference?

Barrier Reef Pools has a unique coping process to provide greater support and superior strength. We use a toughened concrete bond beam with two rows of reinforced bar. The fibreglass coping locks over it to provide solid support and maximum protection against movement and flexing. It’s so strong we liken it to the foundations your home is built upon.

If your bond beam and coping are substandard, there’s a risk of damage. Coping that cracks can be time-consuming to replace. If the bond beam breaks, it could result in your swimming pool leaking.

If you want a fibreglass pool that is of superior quality and has extensive warranties, look no further than Barrier Reef Pools Perth. We have secured more than 140 SPASA Awards and are recognised as the market leader for innovative design and quality of manufacture. Now is the time to book your swimming pool for the summer season.

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