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A New Benchmark in Reliability, Convenience & Control Ozone Swim is a naturally occurring oxidiser that is a powerful sanitising agent and is used throughout many industries to purify air and water. Ozone Swim combines patented corona discharge technology with a premium mineral/salt chlorination system. Therefore it effectively sanitises, purifies and reduces maintenance – resulting in therapeutic, healthy and crystal clear water. 

Why People Choose Ozone Swim

Easy On The Eyes – Soft On The Skin

Traditional chlorine-based sanitation systems have no way of destroying harmful chloramines (chlorine by-product). Ozone actively targets and breaks down chloramines, therefore, eliminating red eyes and itchy skin. 

Healthier Pool Water

Ozone adds a powerful boost to your existing filtration and sanitation system. The same Ozone technology purifies 90% of the world’s bottled drinking water. 

Crystal Clear & Odour-Free

Ozone is a natural flocculant that consistently combines impurities into solids so they can be filtered out. The water is odour-free as Ozone destroys the strong smell from chloramines. 

Save Time, Money & Maintenance

Ozone Swim enhances water balance and stabilises pH, therefore, requiring fewer chemicals. This reduces time, effort and ongoing costs related to maintaining healthy pool water. 

Sensitive & Safe Sanitisation

Ozone Swim pools are safe for people that suffer from allergies, Asthma and Eczema. Ozone actively targets and destroys the irritant – chloramines. 

Fast Fact

Chloramines are the by-product of the chlorine sanitation process. Chloramines are the substance that causes unpleasant eye, skin and nose irritation as well as breathing difficulties. 

Different types of pools Mineral Salt FreshSelf Cleaning TechonologyOzone swim Injection ManifoldOzone Swim Automated Control
1.Mineral, Salt or Fresh Water Compatable
Ozone swim suits all Sanitation systems
2.Self- Cleaning Cell Technology
keeps your system clean and reduces maintenance.
3.Multi-flow Ozone Injection Manifold
Automatic, safe and consistent Ozone dosing.
4.Simple Automated Control – Set & Forget
Qick, hassle-free set-up and operation.

Ultimately it is your money and your choice, don’t be talked into a system that benefits the reseller more than you the purchaser.
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