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Barrier Reef Pools WA SPASA awards 2017

Barrier Reef Pools Perth take out 13 awards at the 2017 SPASA WA Annual Awards for Excellence and 4 awards at the National SPASA awards bringing our total awards over the last 9 years to an amazing 106 awards. Remember all our WA fibreglass pools are manufactured in Perth and with our swimming pools, the colour range, comprises of 1 Standard colour and 8 additional colours. All these colours are UV Resistant. More details to follow!!!!!

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How long does a fibreglass pool last? 8/04/2020

A swimming pool is one of the top must-haves for any Australian backyard. Everyone wants to buy something that represents value for money; no-one wants to make a purchase which they regret later. A critical decision when making a choice about a pool, is its lifespan. Will it ever need replacing and if so when and how can you tell that the time has come for a new one?

Fibreglass pools are among the most durable around. Technology has improved so much that with the latest gelcoat technology, you can expect a swimming pool to last at least thirty years or longer.

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Fibreglass Pool Shells
What is the ideal temperature for a swimming pool? 25/02/2020
When it comes to enjoying your swimming pool, there are never-ending discussions over what’s the best pool temperature. No one wants to dip their toe in cold water but at the same time swim in a pool which is too warm, and it may send you to sleep.
To keep all your family and guests happy, experts have come up with an optimal temperature. Across the board, it’s agreed the best temperature for a swimming pool is between 27 and 29 degrees Celsius.

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Fibreglass Swimming Pools Temperature Gauge
How long does it take to install a fibreglass pool? 24/01/2020
If you’re considering a swimming pool, you’ll be thinking about the length of time it will take to install one, so it can be enjoyed as soon as possible.
The good news is that a fibreglass swimming pool can be up and running within a short time scale – 7-10 Days

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What are the most common problems with a pool? 12/12/2019
Owning a swimming pool can give you endless hours of pleasure and fun, but it does come with ongoing maintenance. Everyone who owns a pool will have come across a problem at some stage.
The good news is that most can easily be resolved, but it’s beneficial to know about the most common problems so you can expect the unexpected.
Here at Barrier Reef Pools Perth, we’ve listed some of those you may experience more frequently.

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Pool Problems
What are the pros and cons of a saltwater chlorinator? 24/10/2019
Whether you’re buying your first pool or already know the joys of swimming in your own backyard, the decision to go for saltwater is one being taken more and more often by owners.
There are many sound reasons for choosing a saltwater chlorinator, so if you haven’t considered one before, it is definitely worth investigating.

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Pros and Cons on Saltwater pools
Should you get a swim spa? 26/09/2019

Think of a swim spa and you’ll immediately conjure up an image of a place to relax and ease the stresses of everyday life while also indulging in a little exercise. Heated ones can be used all year round — winter, summer, spring, or autumn. An outdoor swim spa is a perfect place to socialise and unwind. There are huge benefits of owning a swim spa, not least because it can easily fit into a smaller backyard. Many people like to install a pool and swim spa combo to give them the best of both worlds. Here are five good reasons which may swing your decision to get one.

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Swim Spa the perfect balance getting the best of both worlds
Should you buy a swimming pool in winter? 13/08/2019

The nights are dark, the thermometer’s mercury has plummeted, and you’re looking for that fluffy jumper you haven’t seen since last winter. Your thoughts inevitably turn to – building a new swimming pool.

It might seem unlikely, but this is serious. Winter is when smart homeowners start planning for the year ahead. While the frustrations of last summer are still fresh in the mind, there is still enough time to make sure next years will be a whole lot better.

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Manhattan Pool & Spa
What can leaves do to your swimming pool? 1/07/2019

It's that time of year when fallen leaves and debris can cause havoc to your swimming pool. Winter storms and strong winds are not good for your pool, especially if you've decided against installing a cover over the winter months.


So, if you have a swimming pool close to trees, watch out for the dreaded leaves and the damage they may bring. They will affect your water balance, consume your chemicals and stain your pool surfaces, so try to remove them as soon as they arrive.

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Looking after your swimming pool Manhattan Pool & Spa
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