What Are The Benefits Of A Fibreglass Pool?

What Are The Benefits Of A Fibreglass Pool?

There’s no doubt that selecting a pool is an exciting prospect, but it’s also quite a substantial financial decision, so you’re bound to be cautious when making that purchase.

There are two types of pools to choose between, namely fibreglass and concrete. Most Australians these days prefer a fibreglass pool because they generally last longer as they have a gelcoat.

Fibreglass pools are constructed with layers of fibreglass strands and a resin. The inner surface is the gel coat.

Here are six reasons why fibreglass is a better choice.

1. Low Maintenance

Ask any pool owner and algae is one of the major issues when it comes to maintenance. The surface of a concrete pool is extremely rough and porous, whereas a fibreglass pool has a gelcoat which is non-porous. It means that fibreglass pools are generally less of a breeding ground for algae and far easier to maintain. You’ll have to use more chemicals with a concrete pool because of the algae problem. It’s estimated fibreglass swimming pool owners, typically spend 75% less time and money maintaining their pools.

2. Gelcoat Technology

The gelcoat on fibreglass pools comes in different colours. It is smooth and glossy so keeps the pool looking fresh, whereas concrete pools stain easier. This gelcoat is about 0.5 to 1mm thick and gelcoat will last between 15 and 25 years before it may need a renewal.

3. Smooth Surface and Ideal For Salt Water

The surface of a fibreglass pool is smooth which means there are no nasty edges which may rub or cut into you. These types of pools can be filled with either salt or chlorine water. More people these days are opting for salt which doesn’t make your eyes sting or emit a smell and is more economical.

4. Easy Installation

A fibreglass pool can be installed relatively quickly within three weeks, whereas a concrete pool takes a lot more time as it’s constructed in-situ. Here at Barrier Reef Pools we have a selection of designs and sizes to suit all your requirements, and you can look at them at our showrooms so you know exactly what you’re buying.

5. Long Lasting

Fibreglass pools are tough, and since they were introduced sixty years ago, technology has improved so they’re emerging as the superior choice. They can cope with minor earth movements without cracking and can fit into most backyards whatever the soil type. They’re also good at withstanding various weather elements.

6. More Cost Effective

Fibreglass pools are built offsite which means minimal disruption with no mess in your back garden with construction work being carried out. Long term they’re a lot cheaper as they require less resurfacing work or maintenance. If you’re thinking of ever selling your home, fibreglass pools will add value because homebuyers know they are easy to look after. If you’d like to find out more about the range of Barrier Reef Pools, come and take a look at them in one of our showrooms. Winter is a great time to select a pool as you’ll be avoiding the rush in spring so come and see our designs, we’re sure one will suit both your requirements and your budget.

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