Five Reasons To Buy A Fibreglass Pool

Five Reasons To Buy A Fibreglass Pool

There are more fibreglass swimming pools in this world than any other type. 60% of people who own a pool have chosen fibreglass. It’s a popular choice and for a good reason. Fibreglass pools can mean less maintenance, less cost and are ultimately more hard wearing. Here at Barrier Reef Pools, we’ve come up with five good reasons as to why it ranks number one for pool purchases.


One of the most significant advantages with a fibreglass pool is the speed it takes to install. No need to hang around and wait impatiently, you can have it in your back garden within a week. Concrete pools will generally take twelve weeks and use more labour and materials meaning higher costs. As with all pools, you’ll need council approval, but the installation can take just days.

Minimal Maintenance

Most of us lead hectic lifestyles and anything which makes our lives simpler is welcome. Fibreglass pools are low maintenance because they are resistant to algae. On average you’ll just have to spend twenty minutes a week cleaning the pool. Due to the non-porous and smooth nature of fibreglass, algae cannot grow on its surface. This means less time scrubbing the pool down and more time relaxing in the pool itself.

Less Cost

Not only are fibreglass pools a cheaper option to install, but ongoing costs are also way more affordable too. You won’t have the expense of changing a liner or repairing concrete. For those of you who are environmentally conscious, a fibreglass pool needs 70% less chemicals than other pools. You also have the choice of filling it with different water, either salt, chlorine or mineral.

Resilient And Durability

A fibreglass pool is extremely strong, resilient and durable. It’s non-porous and has a smooth, gelcoat-finish so is less resistant to stains. Unlike some pool surface finishes, they do not need resurfacing during their lifetime and require very little ongoing care. A fibreglass swimming pool can also add value to your home. Fibreglass is the preferred choice by many home buyers as it’s regarded as more robust.


The nature of fibreglass means it can bend to fit almost any shape remaining intact despite rough soil conditions. It cannot shrink or swell and is able to withstand constant environmental elements. It’s flexible nature, which allows for movement, means it won’t break or crack. Concrete and other pre-formed pools contain mineral fillers which reduce their flexibility.

Here at Barrier Reef Pools, we are the fibreglass specialists. We can help advise you on the best type of pool for your budget and your yard so you can make the most of cooling down in the hot weather. We can advise on the best shape and style to suit your requirements. We sell a wide range of pools to suit all and have won over one hundred SPASA awards in the last 9 years. We believe we have the experience to help you choose the right pool for you.

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