Five Tips To Make Your Pool Energy Efficient

A swimming pool can provide endless entertainment and doesn’t necessarily have to be a drain on your pocket. Achieving an energy efficient pool is easy. The team at Barrier Reef Pools has come up with some great power-saving tips so you can spend your savings on pool party entertainment instead.

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Seven Tips To Prepare Your Pool For Winter

There’s very few people who will swim in an outdoor pool all year round, with most opting to close it down for winter. When you decide to put away your swimming bathers, ensure you take proper measures, so your pool doesn’t get damaged during its hibernation period. Shutting down your pool for winter is always more time consuming than opening it up, but if you take due care and attention, it will mean there’s less to do when you re-open it. Here at Barrier Reef Pools, we’ve come up with seven essential tips to help you hibernate it for the end of the swimming season.

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Spectacular Furniture Ideas For Around The Swimming Pool

A swimming pool in your own backyard is the ultimate in luxury. Accentuate your Barrier Reef Pool with unique and spectacular outdoor furniture. Soak up the sun on a day bed, escape to a private cabana, or drink and dine while overlooking your sparking pool. Create your own resort where you can relax and entertain. With the beautiful weather in Perth, the swimming pool should be the showcase of your home.

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Christmas Around The Pool

With houses becoming bigger & blocks getting smaller Clear blue skies and a fiery sun usually mean Christmas Day is set to see temperatures soar, with many of us choosing to head for the water. If you’re blessed with a cool, inviting swimming pool in your garden, then creating your very own Christmas Day outdoor celebration for family and friends is sure to be a breeze. In Australia, backyard get-togethers are an essential ingredient for the festive season. If you’re planning one, start by having a good look at the space you will be working with. Is it a warm, rustic patio setting overlooking a pool, or a lush green lawn surrounded by plant-life? Whatever palette you’ll be working with, try to give the area you’re decorating a sense of fun and festivity. Popular colours to work with are green, white, red, silver and gold, so get to work hanging baubles from the trees and draping tinsel around the garden.

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