12m Fibreglass Lap Pool Gallery

12m lap pool Diagram
Please Note: Sizes are approximate indications only.

12m Fibreglass Lap Pools

Celebrate your success and share the new freedom to move. Expand your outdoor leisure area with the impressive fibreglass Lap pool. With clean lines and traditional styling this pool is the largest model available.

Designed for active individuals and large families, it provides that expansive ocean feel. Whether your performing tumble turns or playing games with the family this pool truly delivers.

The wide seating area can be fitted with spa jets for those times when you need to relax and unwind. Suitable for formal settings and narrow applications, you’ll be sure to impress.

Please consider when purchasing your Lap Pool.
  • Sun: Does the sun reach the pool and areas intended for sunbathing or is it obstructed by nearby buildings.
  • Shade: Will there be shady spots to escape the sun when it becomes too hot. Wind: Does the wind blow hard or swirl in the proposed pool area- will a windbreak be necessary?
  • Vegetation: Are there trees and shrubs close to the proposed pool area? Overhanging trees, in particular, will shed leaves and insects directly into the pool.
  • Supervision: Can the pool be easily seen and supervised from the living areas of the house?
We also have an 8M x 3.48M Lap Pool

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