The stylish Manhattan, a modern pool and spa for the family

The stylish Manhattan, a modern pool and spa for the family

The Manhattan Swimming pool for all the family

Sometimes you come across a swimming pool which stands out from the rest. Here at Barrier Reef Pools we wanted to tell you about a stylish, state of the art pool which has been attracting plenty of interest.

It's easy to see why the Manhattan Pool and Spa is so popular and a firm favourite with both adults and children. It's one of our newest designs and doesn't disappoint in both functionality and looks.


Great design

The Manhattan Pool and Spa is made from tough fibreglass and is produced exclusively by Barrier Reef Pools and is sold with a 35-year structural warranty. It’s fabricated in one single giant piece so can be produced in just a matter of days.

Sleek and modern looking with straight lines, it comes with features such as an all-around children’s safety ledge. What’s more it’s available in five different sizes to suit any garden shape or size.

Dual versatility

Although it’s a one-piece pool, there are two sections within it which makes it a pool and a spa. A shallow wading area next to the spa means your children can play close by as you sink into your spa bubbles.

The pool is made from fibreglass which is tough, durable and easy to maintain. The clean smooth gel-coat finish means that it is non-abrasive and free from any sharp edges. Being fibreglass it’s less likely to accumulate algae and will need only minimal maintenance.

Different sizes

The Manhattan Pool and Spa comes in five different size, two are classed as slimline versions for narrower gardens and three are regular size. The largest is 12.2 metres by 4.4 metres and the smaller 6.5 metres by 3.5 metres. The larger one is ideal if you want to do lengths and tumble turns.


The spa offers you your own personal retreat. There are four seats and each one has two spa jets and there’s a spillway into the larger pool area. The beauty of the Manhattan Pool and Spa is that you can add extras. You may want to incorporate LED lighting or a heat pump to make it usable all year around.

Ideal for families

The entry step leads to a platform area ideal for children, which is also commonly known as the wading area where children can play. The pool then gets deeper for more confident swimmers.

It comes in royal blue and looks stunning with or without any landscaping.

Swift turnaround

The Manhattan Pool and Spa is manufactured at our factory in Forrestdale in WA. Once you’ve decided on your size, we’ll create the shell. We’ll undertake site visits and we’ll even lodge approval for the pool from your council. Sometimes it can take as little as five weeks to have your pool constructed, receive authority approval and have it installed.

Barrier Reef Pools is a family-run business with three showrooms in O’Connor, Joondalup and Mandurah. We have a wide range of high class fibreglass pools to suit your needs whatever your budget. We have received over one hundred consecutive awards for our pools over the past nine years, so why not contact us today?

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