Can you splash out on a pool on a budget?

Can you splash out on a pool on a budget?

Buying a pool on a budget

Australia may have the perfect climate for swimming pools but many people assume that a pool is a luxury and beyond their price range. In fact, anyone can have a swimming pool whatever their budget. So, if you're thinking of buying one, here's a few things to consider to make it more affordable.


Go fibreglass rather than concrete

Fibreglass pools are generally cheaper as the shells are delivered in one piece and are quicker to install. Concrete pools are more-costly and time consuming to build.

Both pools can come in the current, more fashionable rectangular size. Fibreglass pools are less expensive to run and as they’re stain resistant and easy to clean, they’re considered far more durable.

A fibreglass pool can cost as little as $25,000 whereas a concrete pool could be four times that price.

Restrict the size

Big is not always better. Many people want to install a swimming pool for their children and you’ll guarantee they’ll have endless hours of fun whatever its size. The bigger the pool, the more expensive it is to purchase and run, so don’t get carried away.

Save heating for later

In the high summer months, it’s not necessary to have a heated swimming pool. Remember Perth has more hours of sun than any other city in Australia. When temperatures soar, it can be refreshing to jump into a pool which isn’t heated. You can always think about adding a heat pump at a later date.

Always use a cover when you are not using the pool

It makes practical sense to use a pool cover as swimming pools which aren’t covered can lose four to five degrees overnight. On average, a cover can reduce the heat loss in a pool by 50% or more.

Not only does a cover save heat loss, it will also save on pool chemicals as they won’t evaporate in the air. The sun will naturally heat a pool and a cover will help to retain this free energy overnight.

A pool cover will also stop water evaporation, as much as one to one and half inches of water a week. For a medium sized pool this works out at 300 gallons over seven days.

Reduce your landscaping or patio

One of the most expensive aspects of building a pool is the landscaping, especially the hard landscaping, this can take up a huge chunk of your budget. Why not keep the patio or paved area to a minimum, you can always add extra at a later date? Paving slaps are hardwearing, lasting ten years or more and only need to be replaced when they are cracked. Large pavers can enhance the size of space. Timber decking is another option but requires more maintenance.

Here at Barrier Reef Pools we can advise you on the best pool for your budget and your yard. We sell a range of pools to suit different requirements. We have three display centres in Perth so you can see exactly what you’re buying, so why not give us a call today?

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