Crowning on the Cake

Hi Avril When our pool was installed one of the three lights in the pool was playing up (from memory it didn’t work). It’s the one on the far left looking out at the pool from the house Apologies but I cannot recall his name, possibly Mark, came and had a look and got it going (chap with possibly an English accent?)

After that the light generally worked, however, often wouldn’t come on or would strobe effect when all of the others were stable Unfortunately now that same light is either always on a different colour to the other lights or more annoyingly continuously strobes. When this happens we simply have to turn the lights off because it’s too distracting. Unfortunately resetting etc, does not make a difference Could we please have the light again looked at or replaced as since the day it was installed, it has never been right and worked the same as the others Aside from the light we could not be happier with the pool Since its install and once everything was dialled in, it’s been true and amazingly low maintenance It has used one ten litre container of acid since being installed and I have never had to skim it (we have no trees nearby) It continues to remain perfectly clear and with the correct chemical levels. We use the spa almost daily and since being installed we have also only had to clean the filters once The spa heater is brilliant and will typically heat the spa from cold in around 15 minutes The pool robot, I cannot recall what it’s called, is also flawless in operation We are aware that some of the systems installed were relatively new to BR at the time or had not been used in conjunction with each other It did take some effort to get it working as it should with a few trips out by the various persons, but now it’s settled in, we can assure you it all works together faultlessly Note: we don’t as yet have the Wi-Fi working) This is all in remarkable contrast to our previous freedom pool and spa, which until the day we sold that house remained extremely high maintenance, required at least weekly/fortnightly trips to the pool shop for chemicals and ultimately cracked! The single filter also needed to be cleaned each and every week (which I grew to despise) In short, we are extremely happy with the pool/spa and would gladly recommend Barrier Reef to anyone we can (which we have done) We would be happy to be used as a reference if required Very happy with our pool and spa, thankyou (aside from one light). 

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