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“Barrier Reef Pools were professional and precise with our pool installation. It arrived on time and was a pain free process from our point of view. They were a bit more expensive than some of the other quotes we had but now I can see why through the quality of the install. I cannot see there being any issues with this pool in the future. I can happily recommend Barrier Reef Pools to install your pool.”


Are All Cost Included In The Quoted Price, Or Will There Be Surprises?

There are a surprising amount of components to providing a completed, ready to go pool price. Below are a few examples of areas that need to be clearly indicated in the quote or in writing – if they are unclear there is a good chance you will have extras to pay after the contract is signed.

Bob Cat Allowance?

Always ask what the bobcat allowance is as some companies only allow 4-6hrs including travel time. There is no chance your pool will be dug out and the sand taken away within this time frame. A decent pool company will allow 8 hrs.

Crane Allowance?

You need the pool company to verify what size crane is included and how long they allow for it to be onsite and if travel time is included? This can get extremely costly as most cranes cost around $250 per hr.

Manual Labour?

Don’t be surprised if manual labour is not included in your pool price. Although installing a pool is a labour intensive job some pool companies will charge additional for this.

Tip Fees?

Tip Fees should always be included for clean fill, however once again, you will find many pool companies will charge additional for this, and yet in most cases, the clean fill sand from your pool hole is being sold on. Some pool companies average tip fees are around $2,000

Is An Excavator Required?

If an excavator is required, you should be notified of this and quoted on the additional cost at the time of the site inspection by the pool company representative. The usual practice of most companies is that they don’t want to scare clients away with additional costs, so they issue a notice of these requirements once the construction is underway when you can no longer change your mind on what pool company you will choose.

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