Why Rectangular Pools Are A Household Favourite

Most people want a pool that adds a touch of style and sophistication to their backyard and a rectangular pool does that. They are a classic shape that has been a favourite for decades and that is a trend that is unlikely to change anytime soon. Here are some reasons why rectangle pools are a popular choice.


Contemporary And Timeless

One of the many appealing things about rectangle shaped pools is that they do not go out of fashion and will still look modern decades down the track. Pools aren’t exactly cheap, so most people opt for this shape rather than a pool shape that is currently on-trend to avoid it looking outdated.

Great For Exercise

As rectangle pools are long and narrow in shape the provide an uninterrupted straight stretch of water that is perfect for swimming laps or running lengths of the pool. Unlike freeform pools, the shape is even and is ideal for playing games. The pool can be divided in half and an equal part can be designated to each team. Popular pool games include water volleyball and basketball; however, you are only limited by your imagination.

They Come In An Extensive Selection Of Styles And Designs

Rectangular pools don’t just come in a standard style or design, there is a huge selection to choose from whereas other pool shapes are usually limited. Here are some of the most popular rectangle pool options:

Plunge Pools

Plunge pools have become increasingly popular over recent years as they accommodate modest backyards. They are much like a larger pool, just smaller in size. This pool type has been created with relaxation in mind and is usually coupled with spa jets, generous bench seating and many choose to add heating to take the bathing experience to the next level.

Lap Pools

As the name suggests lap pools are primarily used for doing laps. The steps are usually recessed, and the rest of the pool is a generous length of water. Swim jets can be incorporated to create resistance to swim against and can be used after a workout to relieve and massage achy muscles.

Family Pools

The most common rectangle pool found in Australian backyards is a family pool. They have ample room for exercise, entertaining and relaxing. The kids won’t outgrow them as they get older and this particular pool type appeals to many people regardless of whether they have children or not.


It’s not only pools that are rectangular. Most spas come in this shape and can be either installed in-ground or above. They are a perfect choice for those with small backyard such as a courtyard or for those who want a place to relax and unwind after a long day. If you want a pool that has the ‘wow factor’ adding a spa adjacent to a geometric pool can make a beautiful feature.


Cheaper To Install A Cover

A pool cover is an essential pool accessory and rather than having to get a cover custom-made, they can be pre-bought which is significantly cheaper. If you choose to get an automatic pool cover, they also are easier to install and create a streamline straight covering over the pool whereas other types such as kidney-shaped pools tend to be more expensive.

There Is A Rectangle Pool To Suit Every Home

Rectangle pools come in a huge variety of sizes and they can accommodate virtually any backyard. Regardless of which size rectangle pool you choose, when done well they can create a stunning talking point in the backyard. To get the best result it is important to choose a colour and surroundings that compliment your home to create a cohesive space.

Can Be Positioned In Virtually Any Space

Most houses are square or rectangular and so are the blocks they are positioned on which allows you to place a rectangle pool close to the home or fence line, freeing up precious space for other features such as an entertainment area or grassy area for kids. This not only allows you to make the most out of the room you have to work with but by having the freedom to position the pool practically anywhere you can ensure the pool is highly functional and inviting.

Landscaping Ties In Seamlessly

Regardless of the size of your pool, in most cases, it will not be the only feature in your backyard. Your landscaping takes up a significant portion and has an impact on the overall aesthetics. You will need to consider the best location for the pool so it looks great from inside and outside the home. As much as you love your pool, the reality is you spend more time looking at it than in it so, the more inviting the area is, the more inclined you will be to use it. With a rectangle pool, the remaining space is uniform and marries in with the shape of the pool which makes the area look highly attractive.

Add Value To Your Home

Most people enjoy spending time outdoors and having a pool outside is the ultimate way to compliment the Aussie laid-back lifestyle. Rectangle pools are timeless and when designed to tie in with the exterior of the home, it can add value to the price of a home. Putting in a pool is an investment, so most people want to be sure that it holds its value not only today but for years to come. Rectangle pools are unlikely to devalue your home for being unattractive and outdated, unlike some other pool shapes. As they are the most popular shape, they are likely to attract buyers not deter them which can make it easier to sell your home at a price you are happy with if you ever decide to put your home on the market.

They Generally Have More Seating

Geometric pools normally have more seating than other pool shapes. This provides a perfect spot for the adults to kick back and relax. The more edges and steps that a pool has the better it is for safety. Young swimmers don’t have far to go to reach a safe spot to sit or to take a break from swimming. Additionally, geometric fibreglass pools are more compatible with features such as tanning ledges. Most freeform fibreglass pools don’t have this added option.

Quick And Easy To Install

Installing a fibreglass rectangle-shaped pool is generally quick and the digging specifications are straightforward. This means less time is needed to excavate the ground which can save you money on labour.

There is no denying that rectangle pools are the most preferred pool shape. They are a classic that boasts style and sophistication. Here at Barrier Reef Pools Perth, we have one of Australia’s largest selections of rectangular pools on offer along with a generous selection of other pool varieties. We have spent the last 30 years manufacturing and installing the world’s most superior fibreglass pools. If you would like to discuss the suitability of one of our award-winning pools for your home or if you have any questions about our geometric range, contact our expert team for more information.

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