When Is The Best Time To Buy A Pool

When Is The Best Time To Buy A Pool?

Thinking of buying a pool? So, when is the best time to take the plunge and become a home pool owner? Most people decide they need a swimming pool in the height of summer, right about when they want to use it. But this isn’t a job to be rushed, if you want the best pool for your garden, you need to start planning months ahead. Now is possibly the best time to place your order but here’s some handy advice to enable you to make an informed decision.


Autumn is actually a perfect time to plan and buy your new pool. You can pick up an amazing bargain in the off-season and you are far more likely to get it installed quicker. Prices are also likely to be more competitive in the autumn months. Although you won’t be able to jump in and enjoy your new pool straight away (unless you’re a hardy all-weather swimmer), an autumn installation gives you all winter to landscape your new feature. This means you’ll have plenty of time to put grass seed down or plant bushes so you can be ready for the big reveal at the start of next summer. Landscaping is always easier to do in the cooler months when the soil is softer.


The same goes with a winter installation, generally sales are quieter so you won’t have to be part of the scrum at a showroom. It means there’s more flexibility with a timescale to have it installed as well.

You’re likely to find a good deal as price increases usually take place at the start of the new summer season.


Once spring has sprung, everyone’s thoughts turn towards the fun to be had in their own personal family swimming pool, the longer evenings are just crying out for poolside barbecues and get-togethers. A pool is one of the best ways to bring a family together.

If you buy in spring, it gives you time for the water to warm up as outside temperatures start to rise and you’ll have many months of use before winter sets in.


The best time for swimming is of course the worst time to install a pool as everyone wants one. Those who already have a pool are having pool parties and enjoying the water, and pool suppliers can be kept busy meeting demand and there may even be a waiting list to get it installed.

The children can cool down in the pool over the long school holidays. Once they’re back in the classroom in February, they’ll look forward to a refreshing dip after a school day has finisheed.

Should I Wait?

It’s your choice when to buy. For some people, the thought of installing a pool and then having to wait half a year before they can take the plunge, is just too much to bear. Others who are more patient may well believe that the wait is worth it if they can save money. Remember you may not necessarily get the best bargain out of season.

Be mindful that you may have to wait to have one installed as slots can book up quickly, so it pays to start planning your new pool as early as possible. Whatever season you build in, once your pool is built and ready to use, you’ll wish you’d jumped in years ago.

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