What Are The Most Common Problems With A Pool?

What Are The Most Common Problems With A Pool?

Owning a swimming pool can give you endless hours of pleasure and fun, but it does come with ongoing maintenance. Everyone who owns a pool will have come across a problem at some stage.

The good news is that most can easily be resolved, but it’s beneficial to know about the most common problems so you can expect the unexpected.

Here at Barrier Reef Pools Perth, we’ve listed some of those you may experience more frequently.

Water Goes Green

Unfortunately, this has nothing to do with becoming eco-friendly, we’re talking about when your water goes green because of algae. This happens because your chlorine levels are too low, and you’ve been skimping on maintenance.

A lack of proper circulation, filtration and sanitation is usually the primary reason your pool will change colour. Algae can be difficult to shift, and the best way to eradicate it is by getting an experienced pool Cleaner in to solve the problem. Your pH level should always be between 7.2 and 7.6.

Clogged Pool Filter

Your filter does just that – filters the water! It’s probably the most important component to keep your swimming pool clean. If it’s doing its job properly, then you will expect to see it a bit mucky – just like the filters in your vacuum cleaner. If it gets too clogged up, it won’t work efficiently, so make sure you rinse and clean it on a regular basis.

Eye Irritation

If you’re experiencing eye irritation every time you jump into your pool, it’s a strong indicator that your chlorine levels are out of kilter. High chlorine levels can also lead to skin rashes, throat problems and more.

It’s down to a pH imbalance with chloramines, the combination of chlorine and ammonia. It’s another good reason to check your pH level regularly to avoid any redness, burning or itchiness.

Faulty Pump

A swimming pool pump has lots of parts so it’s inevitable that now and again it may develop a fault. A pump keeps the water flowing and moving at the right temperature in order so it can easily be filtered, keeping your water clean and safe.

One of the first signs to know that your pump isn’t working is the weird noises it may make or signs of leaks. The problem could be an electrical fault, an obstruction in the plumbing system or perished seals. If you can’t troubleshoot yourself, then it’s probably best to call in an expert.

Remember, regular pool maintenance is well worth a long summer of swimming. It pays dividends to keep a check on any minor issues, so they never became major ones.
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