The Best Ways To Light Up Your Pool!

If you have a swimming pool, you will probably want to use it not just in the day but also at night. A cool swim is just what you need on a hot summer night. If you are organizing pool parties, evenings and nights are the best time to do it. When you are using the pool at night, you need adequate lighting. The lighting of your house may not be sufficient. A badly lit pool can be dangerous and may lead to accidents.

This is why you need pool lighting so that your pool is properly illuminated. This allows you to use the pool safely and comfortably even at night. The article will tell you all about pool lighting. It also tells the best ways to light up your pool to make it look attractive.


Types Of Pool Lights

The first thing to know is the different types of pool lighting options you have.

Halogen lighting: This was the common type of lighting used some time back. The light from a halogen lamp is powerful, providing sufficient lighting for your pool area. It also helped in reducing power consumption. However, halogen lights are more expensive than regular incandescent lights.

  • Halogen lighting: This was the common type of lighting used some time back. The light from a halogen lamp is powerful, providing sufficient lighting for your pool area. It also helped in reducing power consumption. However, halogen lights are more expensive than regular incandescent lights.
  • LED lighting: LED is the most popular type of lighting in use today. LED lighting can give you the same powerful effect as a halogen light at a much lesser cost. It is one of the most energy-efficient forms of lighting available. You can keep your pool light on all night and not worry about the energy bill. The LED lights are durable. They are also environment-friendly.
  • Solar lighting: These are the most eco-friendly lighting systems. They are good for use in places that have more sunny days. The solar lamps have panels that convert energy from the sun to electric energy and store it. This can be used at night to light your pool. If the weather is dark and cloudy, then solar lights won’t work.
  • Fiber optic lights: These lights can be considered if you want lighting that appears subtle but looks great. The lighting comes from a cable with a box containing the bulb. This lighting is great to create a luxurious appearance. Fiber optic lights are expensive and are not very durable.

Placement Of The Lights

There are different ways of placing the lights in your pool area. You can choose the one most convenient for you.

Lighting above the pool: Here, lights are placed around the pool. They can be in the form of ordinary lamps containing bulbs or as floodlighting. The advantage here is that it lights up your yard and the surrounding areas. This provides good visibility around the entire pool area. If you use your pool regularly for parties, you can consider installing string lights. They provide the best illumination and create a good effect for your party.

Lighting in the pool: Here, the lights are at the same level as that of the pool. There are different types here:

  • In-ground lighting is where lights are drilled into the pathways or the pool deck. This ensures the light is underground and does not create an obstacle for people moving around. It has a good effect. This also includes lighting on the pool stairs that ensures optimum safety.
  • Floating lights: These lights are made using waterproof material. They float on the pool providing sufficient light within the pool. They also ensure an interesting effect that makes your pool look different.
  • Submersible lights: These lights are the easiest to install. The waterproof lights can be allowed to sink to the bottom of the pool, from where they provide illumination. This ensures the visibility of the pool is perfect.
  • Flush-mounted pool lights: These lights are flush with the pool wall at the time of installation. They can be installed during the construction of the pool. This makes it easier to install and does not take up extra space.

While deciding the placement of the pool lights, do keep the following in mind:

  • Floodlights are the best option if you want complete illumination.
  • You need to position the lights in such a way that the electrical wiring can be done conveniently.
  • Lighting can highlight even the surrounding landscape. If you have a waterfall, you can use lights to highlight it.
  • The shape of your pool will also play a role in deciding where you need to place the lights. Make sure that the entire pool is covered. If you have an L-shaped pool, you need to ensure that the L-bend area is also well-lit.
  • The effect you want to create, especially if you plan to have pool parties will help you decide the placement.

Color Lighting

An innovative option in pool lighting is to use color lights. These lights make your pool look more attractive. It can make your pool parties popular. LED lights are available in red, blue, and green options. You can mix the colors to create the color of your choice. Choose a color that highlights the features of your pool and the surrounding area. You may also want to have different colors for different moods. This is a great feature to use during pool parties.

Benefits Of LED Lighting

There is no doubt that using LED lights is the best option for your swimming pool. Unless you want luxurious fiber lighting, you should straightaway choose LED lights. The following explains why you should opt for LED lighting:

As mentioned already, LED lights are both environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. They last long and hence you can save a lot of money.

  • You can use LED lights above the pool, in the pool, or in any other placement.
  • You can get color LED lights if you want your pool to look trendy.
  • LED light usage can be automated. This ensures the light is switched off when not in use. You can even program the lights to be switched on and off at specific timings.
  • LED lights can be integrated into your smart home. This ensures you can turn on your pool light using an app on your smartphone. You can even turn it on or off from a remote location. This ensures efficient usage of the light.

Getting The Lights Installed

Once you decide on the lighting options, you need to choose the brand for the lights to be installed. Avoid choosing the cheapest brand as cheap may not translate to durability. Go with a well-known brand that has a reputation for manufacturing quality lights. This ensures the LED lights will last longer and give you the power-saving benefits you want. Getting a lighting system installed is expensive. Look for warranties on the lights so that repair/replacement will be easy.

Some of the lighting options are DIY. You can do them yourself without much of a problem once the wiring is done. Take the help of an electrician to plan the wiring and the arrangements of lights. The electrician will be able to tell you the best options for placement. Ideally, you need to get the installation done while the pool is constructed. You can get it done anytime. Get in touch with a pool builder or consultant who can advise you on the best options for your pool.

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