Swimming Pools To Suit Your Lifestyle

Swimming Pools to Suit Your Lifestyle

Whether you’re a young professional in need of a luxurious lap pool, or a big, bustling family who need a large pool in the backyard for wholesome family fun, Barrier Reef Pools can help you choose the right pool for your lifestyle.

At Barrier Reef Pools Perth, one of our main priorities is creating a pool that will suit the unique lifestyles of each of our clients. Whether you’re after a custom pool for your Perth backyard or a small plunge pool that will make weekend relaxation easier than ever, we’re here to help.

When deciding which type of pool is right for you you’ll need to consider the shape, size and type of water that is most suited to your lifestyle.

The Young Professionals
A small fibreglass swimming pool is perfect for busy young Perth homeowners, as they’re easy to maintain but still big enough to be used for both fun and relaxation. A plunge pool could be another luxurious yet affordable option for homeowners who spend a large percentage of their time at work.

Our fibreglass finishes will ensure longevity and will require very little maintenance because of their high-quality surface, making them ideal for when free time is a luxury.

Family Comes First
Perth families are big lovers of below ground pools. Our larger premium range of fibreglass swimming pools are the perfect source of fun for the whole family.

If you have a large family, and kids that are big on swimming, the largest pool we have is our brand new Manhattan Pool that provides an expansive ocean feel and comes with a built in spa suitable for all ages. We also have a host of other large pools that create a sense of affordable luxury.

Salt water chlorination is often more suited to families with young children, as it’s gentler on the skin and eyes. Likewise, freshwater pools have no chemicals, so won’t cause any eye or skin irritations on kids.

Exercise Lovers
If fitness is your goal, then a lap pool is the solution. Swimming is a proven form of exercise that allows you to work every muscle in your body simultaneously. It also has less wear and tear when compared to other forms of cardiovascular exercise, like running. Our Lap pools range in size, from 8 metres to 12 metres and are perfect for swimming laps.

If exercise, and maintaining a healthy, eco-friendly lifestyle is right up your alley, then freshwater or even a saltwater pool could be ideal. Your pool will be kept clean minus the use of chemicals, and you won’t have to worry about smelling like chlorine every time you hit the pool.

If Not A Pool, Why Not A Spa?
Smaller, more convenient, and the ultimate source of relaxation, a Spa is a great choice for almost any lifestyle. Kids will love the bubbles, exercise lovers can reap the muscle soothing benefits a spa offers and retirees can soak up the relaxation benefits.

If you want a spa, but don’t want to miss out on the fun and fitness potential of a swimming pool, why not think about installing one of our spa pools that are available to homeowners across Perth. In a spa pool, you can still swim or play with the kids, while soaking up the warmth of a spa and enjoying the massaging effect of our premium spa jets.

From lap pools to suit any Perth backyard to a spa pool that will be the envy of the neighbourhood, Barrier Reef Pools Perth is able to custom-design a range of premium fibreglass swimming pools to suit the needs of any lifestyle, get in touch today.

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