Should You Buy A Swimming Pool In Winter?

Why Should You Buy A Swimming Pool in Winter?

The nights are dark, the thermometer’s mercury has plummeted, and you’re looking for that fluffy jumper you haven’t seen since last winter. Your thoughts inevitably turn to – building a new swimming pool.

It might seem unlikely, but this is serious. Winter is when smart homeowners start planning for the year ahead. While the frustrations of last summer are still fresh in the mind, there is still enough time to make sure next years will be a whole lot better.

Dream Of A Cool Dip

Remember when the temperature hit the 30s, and you could only lie on the sofa and dream of a refreshing dip in a clear blue pool? Or wishing your old pool wasn’t so tatty so you could invite your friends’ round for a pool party? Hang on to those memories during winter.

Off-Season Advantages

Right now, is the ideal time for planning and installing your new pool. You can take your time to work out what you really want, what will fit best with your outside space and take advantage of the out-of-season offers available.

A bit of planning now will ensure that you have your pool delivered, installed and finished in time for the first proper day of spring and you’ll have a whole long summer to enjoy the benefits of your forethought.

There are some obvious advantages to buying a new pool in winter. You’ll have access to winter sales, as many pool retailers look to clear out last season’s stock before the new models come in for next summer.

Minimise Garden Disruption

Remember if you’re installing a new pool in your back yard, there is going to be an inevitable amount of mess and disruption. It’s far better to get this out of the way during winter when you aren’t using the garden as much, your flowers aren’t in full bloom, and the soil is damp and easier to work with.

If you want to landscape the area after your pool is completed, your planting will have time to bed in and settle down before summer arrives.

Be The Early Bird

By buying your pool in winter for next summer, you can take time to sit down with your pool supply and installation professional, and plan your project in detail, right down to the timeframe for preparation and installation. By planning ahead, you can secure your pool delivery, your builders and order the materials, such as fencing and paving, that you’ll need to arrive at the right time.

Plan For Consent

Another factor that can’t be overlooked is planning permission. All new pools built in Western Australia require building consent which is applied for through your local council and can take around six weeks for approval before you can start any work. You will also need a certificate of design compliance from a building surveyor.

Don’t delay, act now. At Barrier Reef Pools Perth, we offer pools with a lifetime structural guarantee and provide an installation service to accommodate your requirements. Get in touch with us now so that you can have your new pool for the summer.

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