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Purchasing a fibreglass pool is a fantastic investment. It will bring so much joy and entertainment to you and your family and friends for the many years ahead. Not only is a swimming pool great for entertaining and relaxing, but it is also amazing for improving your health and fitness and will add value to your home. Barrier Reef Pools Perth have an extensive range of fibreglass pools, our range is so incredible it will leave you feeling spoilt for choice. It’s important when deciding on a pool you think about the reason you want one and how much space you want it to take up in your backyard. Let’s take a look at some information on a few of the different types of pools on the market today.


Family Pools

Family pools are a fantastic allrounder, they are great for water sports, relaxing, pool games, swimming laps, lounging by the pool and are a perfect choice for entertaining your friends and family on those warm sunny days. The most positive factor is all of these amazing things can be done in the comfort and privacy of your own home! Family pools are also a perfect choice for kids parties for both young children and children in their teens. Purchasing a family pool from Barrier Reef Pools Perth means you get to spend some great quality time with your family, they come in a wide range of different shapes and sizes to suit everyone’s space and budget.


Plunge Pools

We have seen a rise in plunge pools in recent years, especially in built-up areas such as city suburbs and townhouses where backyards are limited for space, and it is no surprise why these incredible pools have become a popular choice. Plunge pools offer all the same amazing benefits of a regular pool but without taking up a large amount of space. They are a fantastic choice for anyone who has limited room in their backyard yet still want to reap the great health benefits that a fibreglass pool can offer. Even though plunge pools are smaller in size, they can come with a great amount of depth which in turn are fantastic for water sports such as water aerobics, weights and even water-treading. Due to these pools being smaller in size means they are a great choice for the environment as less water and a smaller amount of chemicals are need to keep the pool clean. The filtration systems do not need to work as hard compared to a larger pool which is also positive for the environment and less expensive in energy costs compared to a larger size pool.

Lap Pools

If you are someone who takes your swimming seriously then a lap pool is a perfect choice for you! Lap pools have become increasingly popular here in Australia as they are a fantastic option for anyone wanting to improve their overall health and fitness and still have an amazing pool to enjoy on those warm sunny days. These pools are long and narrow in shape and will not only give your backyard an amazing modern feature but they will increase the value of your home and the appearance of your outdoor space. with lap pools being long and narrow in shape, many of our customers have turned heir lap pool into an infinity pool, the layout and design make for an incredible infinity pool for your home. Lap pools will allow you to swim in an impeded stretch of water, they are the preferred choice for anyone wanting to improve their swimming techniques and times. When it comes to your health there is no price tag, and one of the most beneficial reasons for purchasing a lap pool is increasing your health and fitness. Swimming laps is one of the best exercises you can do as it uses all the muscles in your body as well as being low impact which means no stress or pressure on your joints. Swimming has also been proven to reduce stress, anxiety and your overall mental wellbeing. A lap pool is also a fantastic option for children learning to swim, the reason being this design of the pool is more narrow which enables the children to swim from one side to another more easily.

Spas and Swim Spas

If you are limited for space but still want to be able to cool off, relax then a spa or swim spa might be the perfect option for you. You might be wondering what is a swim spa? A swim spa is a spa pool that is pretty much crossed between a pool and a spa. They are normally larger than a spa but smaller in size compared to a pool. They do contain spa jets, giving you the amazing benefits of relaxation and hydrotherapy. Many swim spas offer the additional add on of swim jets, these jets add resistance to the water allowing you to swim in a smaller space. They allow you to get the full benefit of a swimming workout in a smaller space. Just like swimming pools, they come in all different shapes and sizes but they are designed to be smaller compared to a regular pool as their main use is for relaxation.


What Colours Can a Fibreglass Pool Be?

Here at Barrier Reef Pools Perth, we make no exception when it comes to offering top quality colours for all our pools which is why we use the Advanced Colour Technology. We have a wide range of colours to choose from ranging from our lighter shades such as sandstone shimmer through to our darker shades such as royal blue shimmer. Our Advanced Pool Colour Technology Gel coat uses the best performing pigment technology available on the market today. At Barrier Reef Pools Perth we include our Advanced Pool Colour Technology standard with all pool packages ensuring all our customers get the best pool finish available.

The Benefits Of A Fibreglass Pool

Whether you are wanting a large family size pool for your home or maybe you are after something on the smaller end such as plunge pool or spa, no matter which style you are after choosing a fibreglass pool has a wide range of benefits. Fibreglass pools are easy to maintain and they are long-lasting, giving you and your family many years of fun and enjoyable memories to be made! They are also extremely durable and can be installed in as little as 7-10 days. It is no surprise they have become a popular choice in recent years, giving homeowners their own piece of paradise in their own backyard. Here at Barrier Reef Pools Perth, we have been helping home, owners across Australia choose their dream pool for the past 30 years. We understand purchasing a pool is a huge investment and that is why we pride ourselves on exceptional and honest communication throughout the whole process. Feel free to give us a call today and we can help you begin your journey of owning your top quality fibreglass pool!

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