Is It Worth Getting A Heat Pump

Is It Worth Getting A Heat Pump?

When autumn edges into winter and the heat of the sun fades, the cooler weather may become a barrier to prevent you from using your pool. But it needn’t be thanks to heat pumps.

Heat pumps mean you can enjoy your swimming pool nearly all year round. Ideal swimming temperatures are estimated between 26 and 28 degrees. Heat pumps have replaced old-fashioned heating methods and are way more economical to heat a pool.


How Do Heat Pumps Work?

Heat pumps are a separate thing from solar power. They draw the heat in in the air very much like a recycled air conditioning unit you find in your home. As long as the temperature is 50 degrees or above, a pool heat pump can extract from the air and transfers it to your pool.
They run on electricity, but it’s not the electricity that heats the thermometer, it enables the unit to extract air from the ambient air outside.
They’re efficient and can create five times as much heat as the energy it consumes.
Heat pumps have built-in thermostats that monitor the pool’s temperature, so when a temperature is reached it turns off. Heat pumps come in different sizes, they’re measured in coefficient performance. The higher the COP the better.

The Science Behind Heat Pumps

We don’t want to bamboozle you with the technicalities, but, in essence, heat pumps work by transferring heat from the sun to your pool. The device itself doesn’t generate any heat. A fan attached to the device draws in the naturally warm outside air, which then flows over an evaporator coil, filled with refrigerant.

Initially liquid, this refrigerant is then compressed within a compressor, drastically increasing its temperature until it becomes a hot gas. This hot gas passes through a heat exchanger, allowing the cold pool water to warm.

The, now cooler gas, transforms back to its liquid form and is passed through an evaporator where the whole process begins again. The cooler the outside air the more energy they use. In Australia, this isn’t a problem because the outside air temperature never dips that low.

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Are Heat Pumps Worth It?

If you like to swim all year round, it’s a definite yes. A lot of people are put off by the initial price of pool pumps, but they will save your energy bills long term because of the low running costs. They don’t generate heat in the standard way, so they don’t burn out which means they’re durable and long-lasting. A good pool heater should have a generous warranty of several years.

A heat pump is a different way to use renewable energy to heat or cool your pool or spa water to provide constant heat for your pool.

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Heat pumps will help you save on your energy bills long-term because of low running costs…

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