10 Reasons Why You Should Have A Swimming Pool

You are toying with the idea of constructing a pool, but at the same time, you are wondering whether it will be worth the effort? Don’t worry. You are on the right track. There are a variety of reasons for the popularity of swimming pools. Let’s examine some of them in detail.


1. Recreation

Water bodies are natural stress busters. Any therapist will tell you that spending time beside a water body will instantly calm your mind. No wonder beaches are such popular vacation spots around the world.

Your swimming pool will act as the perfect relaxation spot for you and your family. After a long day at work, you can’t go along looking for beaches. You can return home and spend some time near the pool to feel refreshed and calm. Add a Jacuzzi and watch your pool turn into your own private spa. You can increase the calming effect of your family pool by adding mood lights and interesting landscaping. Adding various plants as part of your landscaping provides freshness to the pool area. Fibreglass pools are easy to maintain, and the water remains clear and inviting.

2. Family Bonding

You can enjoy quality time with your family members at the poolside. Members of all age groups in your family will enjoy spending time beside the pool. You will not have to plan any family gatherings. If your pool is planned well you will find your family members naturally gathering beside the pool.

In fact, family bonding will begin much before the construction of the pool. Sitting together and exploring the various options for pool landscaping, finishing, pool colors, lighting, etc can be a good bonding exercise. The best swimming pool is constructed when you take into account the opinion of all your family members.

3. Effortless Exercise

Swimming is considered to be a very beneficial form of exercise. Swimming helps us to tone our bodies without causing stress to our joints. Unlike going to a gym, you don’t have to find a separate time to swim in your family pool. You can quickly swim a lap whenever you are free.

Swimming develops endurance, and it is good for your heart. It is a very effortless form of exercise where your body gets movement, but your mind does not feel burdened. Swimming is especially beneficial for seniors and children.

4. Beneficial For Children

Children all over the world love water. In today’s world, when children get attached to their gadgets, a swimming pool is a good way to get them outdoors. Since the swimming pool is a part of your home, you can supervise your children when they are using the pool. You can also install handrails and fences to increase the safety of your swimming pool. Fiberglass pools have a smooth surface by default, and you don’t have to worry about cuts or scratches.

Your children would also love to get their friends to the pool. They will surely enjoy playing volleyball in the pool with their friends. There are also plenty of other games which you can organize for your children and their friends. You can easily make your pool their favorite hangout place. Add a water slide or playhouse to your pool and it will be difficult to get your kids out of the pool.

5. Party Venues

Planning for your next party always leads to stress over the venue. If your swimming pool is planned well, it can double up as your popular party venue. Fibreglass pools are pre-fitted with anti-slip texture steps and ledges which provide ample seating space. Fibreglass pools are available in a range of colors and finishes which will liven up your party place.

6. Safety

You do not know how the public pools are maintained. You are not aware of the frequency of water cleaning, the water circulation system and the addition of chemicals in the pool. You can supervise all these factors in your family pool. Public pools are mostly made of concrete which requires more addition of chemicals to keep the water clean. They are also more prone to attract bacteria and algae.

When you build your private pool, you can choose fibreglass pools that attract less dirt and require less chemicals. You also have control over the cleaning and filtration process of your pool.

7. Customisable

You can choose the colors, design, finish and landscape of your pool in consultation with your family members. Your pool can be an above ground pool or a huge lap pool, depending on your needs. The pool can be made deep if you are interested in diving and playing water games. You can build a plunge pool if you only want an occasional dip.

You can choose natural methods of cleaning and filtration. You can go for tropical landscaping or modern landscaping. The options are endless.


8. Aesthetics

A well-built pool adds to the grandeur of your home. It turns your backyard into your own private resort. A beautiful pool also diverts attention from an unusually shaped backyard. You can add ornate patio, landscaping, lighting, or plants depending on your budget. You can also create well-designed pathways, add a pergola, create a lounge space, or add water features such as water jets.

Your pool can contrast or complement the design of your home. A pool adds a touch of luxury to any home. If your budget permits, you can use your pool area to create a style statement.

9. Increase In Value Of Your Property

Pools can also increase the value of your home at the time of sale. Your home will command a higher price. It is believed that an in-ground pool will increase the value of your property by 15%. When your property has a swimming pool, it is likely to attract premium buyers.

But a swimming pool can be a double-edged sword depending on maintenance. A dirty pool can reduce the value of your property. Choosing a fibreglass pool will make it easy for you to maintain your pool in a pristine condition.

10. Privacy

Your pool can become your own private space. You can lounge in it, play games, enjoy time with friends and family or enjoy some quiet time beside the pool. Fencing, hedges, trees, pergolas, retractable canopies are some options available for the privacy of your pool.

Pool building has highly evolved over the decades. Gone are the days when concrete was used as the standard material for the construction of pools. Today you have a choice between concrete, fibreglass and vinyl liner pools. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages.

Fibreglass is fast gaining popularity due to its ease of installation and maintenance. Fibreglass is also durable and comes with a long warranty.

You should conduct proper research before selecting a material for the pool. Remember that a well-constructed pool can offer a host of benefits, but a badly made pool can turn into a liability for you. Make sure to check all your options before making a final decision.

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